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by Maura at May 29, 2018
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Pegatron rumoured to be making new ARM based MacBook for Apple.jpg

MacRumors reports today that according to a new report from DigiTimes, Pegatron is expected to be contracted by Apple to manufacture an ARM-based MacBook. Industry sources have apparently told the website that the new MacBook has been given the codename “Star” and the series number N84. The source does not provide any details about production or release dates.

Back in January DigiTimes reported that Apple was set to release a new, cheaper 13-inch MacBook in the second half of this year, which would be a replacement for the MacBook Air. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo then went on to report in March that Apple is planning to release a “more affordable MacBook Air” sometime in 2018.

Today’s story from DigiTimes, however, marks the first time that this rumoured...
by Maura at May 29, 2018
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All 2019 iPhones said to have OLED displays.jpg

A new report from South Korea’s ETNews, via AppleInsider, says that by 2019 all new iPhones will have OLED displays. According to ETNews’ source, Apple has just started planning its 2019 iPhone line-up, and has decided that all three of the rumoured phones will have OLED displays. In contrast, of the three new iPhones that are rumoured to be launching in 2018, only two are expected to be OLED, with a cheaper model thought to still have an LCD display.

The ETNews story does seem to contradict itself a little, stating that “Apple has decided to put OLED in all new iPhone models in 2019. However, if there are more than three new models, an LCD model may be maintained.”

So, the source is basically saying that if Apple only releases three iPhones in 2019 all three...
by Maura at May 29, 2018
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Rumoured new images of green and purple iPhone emerge.jpg

BGR writes today about new images that have been posted on previously-unheard-of website TechnoCodex, which purport to show prototype iPhone X units from India that appear to have green and purple backs.

Although BGR does not think the images can possibly be genuine, one small spark of doubt comes from a recent report that said that the cheaper LCD iPhone that Apple is expected to release this year could come in several bright colours in order to set it apart from the two high-end OLED models, although that report only mentioned blue, pink, and yellow versions. However, the phones featured in the new image clearly have dual cameras on the back, so are therefore unlikely to be the forthcoming LCD iPhone.

While its certainly fair to say, as BGR and other similar...
by Maura at May 28, 2018
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2019 iPhone set to have triple lens rear camera.jpg

According to a new report from Taiwan’s Economic Daily News, via MacRumors, at least one 2019 iPhone model will have rear camera 3D sensing via a triple lens camera. The news comes via a new research note from Deutsche Securities analyst Jialin Lu, which says that the 2019 iPhone will have a triple lens rear camera that will enable advanced 3D sensing capabilities via stereoscopic vision, whereby two of the three sensors will be able to capture images of a single object from different angles.

The report also says that just like the current iPhone X TrueDepth camera system, the 2019 iPhone’s triple lens camera system will be used for augmented reality. This ties in with a previous news story from Bloomberg’s Alex Webb who said back last November that future iPhones...
by Maura at May 27, 2018
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Apple to extend iPhone's NFC powers with iOS 12.jpg

According to a new report from The Information, via MacRumors, Apple is set to announce the expansion of the iPhone’s near-field communication (NFC) capabilities at its forthcoming WWDC on June 4 as part of its reveal of iOS 12 during the keynote event.

Currently, the iPhone’s NFC chip capabilities only stretch as far as mobile payments, but now, according to the source for the story, this will also include other security functions, such as unlocking electronic doors or transit ticketing.

As far back as 2014 The Information was reporting on Apple’s plans to expand the use of NFC to unlocking doors and transit ticketing, and at that time, Apple was said to be working with security firms such as HID Global and Cubic to perfect the system.

The Information’s source...
by Maura at May 25, 2018
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Apple trademark filings hint at future macOS names.jpg

According to a report on MacRumors today, a new trademark filing from Apple may have given the game away about possible name choices for macOS 10.14, which Apple is expected to reveal at its WWDC on June 4.

If you’re getting a little tired of High Sierra, then how does Mojave, Sequoia, Ventura, or Sonoma sound to you? Well, according to new trademark filings made by Apple in Cambodia and the Philippines, the company could be about to reveal one of these titles as the name of the forthcoming macOS 10.14. And don’t forget, if past history is anything to go by, we should also get some spectacular Mac wallpapers to go with the new name. It’s not known exactly why Apple has issued the trademark filings in these particular countries, or why it has chosen these particular...
by Maura at May 25, 2018
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Alleged 2018 iPhone display panel images leak online.jpg

BGR writes about pictures that have appeared online, apparently from a good source, that are said to be of components of a new 6.1-inch iPhone X. The images appear to show several display units on some sort of moulding tray.

They were first posted on Twitter by Mr. White (@laobaiTD), who tweeted “iPhone X 6.1 OLED.”

According to BGR, “Mr.White” is actually usually a very good source when it comes to Apple product news, and he has previously leaked accurate information and images.

So far so good. However, as BGR notes, there’s one big problem with the credibility of Mr.White’s information, which is the reference to a 6.1-inch OLED phone. According to noted Apple expert, previous KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple’s forthcoming 6.1-inch iPhone will be the...
by Maura at May 24, 2018
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Refurbished iMac Pros now available in US and Canada.jpg

MacRumors writes that Apple has today made refurbished iMac Pro computers available in its online stores in the US and Canada.

Eight-core, 10-core, and 18-core options are all available, in a variety of storage, memory, and graphics options. Prices start at $4,249, with the most expensive configuration costing $8,159, with all available versions representing a saving of 15%.

As an example of the sort of savings you can expect, the following configuration would cost you $4,999 new, but for the refurb price of $4,249 you’ll get an iMac Pro with a 3.2GHz eight-core Intel Xeon W processor, 32GB of DDR4 ECC memory, 1TB of SSD storage, and Radeon Pro Vega 56 graphics.

Released in December 2017, the iMac Pro is designed for heavy professional users, complete with its...
by Maura at May 24, 2018
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cracks reported in some iPhone X camera lenses.jpg

According to a new report on 9to5 Mac, some iPhone X users are complaining online that their phones’ camera lenses are developing cracks for no obvious reason. Most of those posting about the issue are saying that they have not dropped their phone or done anything to cause the cracks. Some are attributing them to excessively cold weather.

“Bought the iPhone X right before Christmas, and found a crack on the rear camera glass last night,” said one user. “The phone has been used with cover all the time and no drop or accident.”

However, other users have said that their phone camera lens has cracked despite warmer weather.

“I live in Malaysia and weather is hot and humid,” said one, whereas another said “Phone has never been dropped, never been out of the...
by Maura at May 23, 2018
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Apple giving 50 dollars credit for those who had already paid to have battery replaced.jpg

According to a new report from 9to5 Mac today, Apple will give $50 credit to anyone who paid for an out-of-warranty iPhone battery replacement in 2017, prior to the discounted replacement scheme set in place by Apple as a result of "batterygate." As an out-of-warranty iPhone battery replacement previously cost $79, the $50 credit from Apple means that those affected are now on an equal financial footing with those customers who only had to pay $29 for an out-of-warranty battery replacement after batterygate had arisen.

The replacement program affects any iPhone from iPhone 6 onwards.

If your phone qualifies and you want to get the $50 credit, simply go to an Apple Store, Authorised Reseller, or Apple Repair Center. Only people who paid to have their battery...