Rumour: Wirelessly Charging Your iPhone or iPad Just Became a Bit More Likely

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    This news just made wirelessly charging iPhone more of a possibility.JPG

    According to a report from MacRumors, the possibility that Apple could be developing wireless charging technology ready for the next iPhone just became a little more likely with the news that Apple supplier Dialog Semiconductor has just invested $10 in wireless charging company Energous.

    In the original report from Fast Company, a source said that up to three quarters of Dialog’s business is with Apple.

    Energous CEO Steve Rizzone told Fast Company that the results of the new deal between the two companies are far reaching.

    “We’re actually transferring all of our silicon operations to Dialog. All the Energous technology will be sold under the Dialog branding and all sales orders will be going through Dialog. It’ll take us about 90 days to do all that.”

    While not confirming anything at all, it’s certainly fair to say that this news just adds fuel to the already well-stoked fire that Energous and Apple are working together on developing a wireless charging system for the iPhone, with KGI Securities analyst stating recently that at least one of the 2017 iPhone models will have wireless charging capabilities.

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    I saw a video online about how you can make your own wireless charger. its pretty awesome!

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