Pin your iPhone to any wall or bike with the Volar case

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    Looking for a way to count the miles you are cycling away with your bike every day? You could make use of your iPhone for that, if only you could find a way of attaching it to your gear. Now you can do that thanks to an invention patented by a Palo Alto California-based company.

    Volar Technologies has proposed their project on Kickstarter and so far is raising funds in order to design a case that can be attached on a bike mount or on your wall at home. The wall version is being called the “Stealth Wall Mount” and will enable the iPhone to be mounted on vertical surfaces thanks to the aerospace-grade carbon fiber technology supporting it. The bike version is called “Stealth Bike Mount” and features an adjustable strap that goes on your bike’s ha​​ndlebar.

    The case is made of carbon fiber that has been treated with an abrasion resistant polycarbonate membrane in order to ensure durability. The case has been polished with a high gloss lacquer in order to confer the accessory a certain charm. Carbon fiber was chosen due to its property of being light and durable.

    Volar’s Mike Densato explained how his team came up with the idea in the first place:

    "We were inspired by the lack of versatility we’ve seen in other cases and a number of mounts for your bike. We did a few tests down some dirt roads and bike paths and it [the bike mount] held up pretty good."

    The Kickstarter project aims to raise $1,000 and has produced so far only $540, so if you like the idea head over to the website and help out!

    Source: KickStarter

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