Newly Leaked Photos Claim to Show New iPhone With Touch ID on Rear

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    Pictures claim to show new iPhones with sensor on rear 2.JPG

    AppleInsider reports today on a surprising new leak of what is said to be new iPhone units with the Touch ID sensor on the rear. Rumours have been going back and forth for months that due to problems with embedding the Touch ID sensor in the new iPhone’s edge-to-edge OLED display it would be sited on the rear of the phone. This seemed to be a very unpopular move as far as Apple fans were concerned, and the rumour had all but gone away in recent weeks, with the most recent reports stating that Apple had found a way to embed the Touch ID sensor in the iPhone 8’s OLED display.

    However, the picture changed dramatically this week, with two very credible reports stating that Apple would not be embedding the Touch ID sensor in the iPhone 8’s OLED display, and was instead planning on using 3D facial detection authentication.

    Now we have these new photos that have been tweeted by Benjamin Geskin. The images show a pallet of iPhone front panels that look different to any of the recent iPhone 8 dummy images, as well as various images of rear casings clearly showing a hole for a rear sensor. A note provided with the images from a shipping company worker says that they opened a box that was on its way to Apple during a customs stop.

    Pictures claim to show new iPhones with sensor on rear 1.JPG

    “Lately we’ve seen a huge influx of the iPhones with the Touch ID on the back, probably a few pallets per day,” wrote the source.

    Geskin does not think that the phones pictured are the iPhone 8, but it’s possible that the images show the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus. “Please No.. don’t be real..” tweeted Geskin, and who can disagree with him?

    Images: Benjamin Geskin

    Source: Questionable report claims Apple shipping 'influx' of next-gen iPhones with Touch ID on back
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    This looks amazing! Though I have to admit, the Touch ID on the back is an unusual design choice. o_O

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