New Pictures of “iPhone 5G” Case Emerge from China

Discussion in 'Apple & iPhone News' started by Maura, May 14, 2011.

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    MacRumors reports today on some photos that have appeared on Alibaba via GadgetsDNA that are said to be from the next iPhone, which they are calling the “iPhone 5G.” MacRumors notes that the case seems to show a very thin bezel, and a different rear camera design. The camera’s flash also seems to be on the other side of the case. No way of knowing if the case design is accurate of course, but if it is it means that recent reports of the next iPhone being simply an iPhone 4S with very few cosmetic changes might not be accurate. As MacRumors points out, the design as shown in the latest pictures was actually one that was predicted by former Engadget editor Joshua Topolsky, whose sources had told him that the next iPhone would have virtually no bezel and that the screen would be larger, at 3.7 inches. Was he right after all? We await further developments to find out which of the sources is correct, and whether or not we will be seeing an iPhone 4S or the iPhone 5G as pictured here.

    Source: 'iPhone 5G' Case Design Shows Redesigned Camera Flash -
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    interesting pics, does look a bit weird though unless the blue is a case

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