New iPhone 8 Mockup Said to Show Final Design Surfaces

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    New iPhone 8 mockup said to show final design.JPG

    BGR has a scoop today with photos that are said to be of a new mockup of the forthcoming iPhone 8 that are based on authentic schematics of the final design for the iPhone, most likely leaked from one of the factories where the new iPhone is being assembled.

    There’s good news for everyone who was against the idea of a rear fingerprint sensor, as there are no signs of anything like that on the back of the phone.

    The pictures reveal an iPhone 8 design that ties in with many recent rumours about the iPhone 8. It has 2.5D glass panels on front and back with slightly curved edges, with a polished stainless steel band, also rounded, in between them. The end result looks very seamless.

    The vertical camera bump on the rear is also clearly visible on the mockup. The camera is said to have a new dual-lens camera system and the same optical zoom features as the iPhone 7 Plus.

    Source: Exclusive: The world’s first look at Apple’s final iPhone 8 design in real life

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