iPhone X Said to Be Pulling Some Users’ Hair Out

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    Yes, as bizarre as the headline sounds, it seems that, according to BGR, some iPhone X owners have been complaining on various social media platforms that their phones are pulling their hair out, including facial hair. And in fact, this is actually so much of a real thing that Apple is already replacing iPhone X units for this very reason.

    The problem apparently stems from the iPhone X mute switch and bezel gap, that tugs on the hair when you hold the phone up to your ear. Here’s a Reddit user talking about the issue:

    “Mine [iPhone X] pulls my hair several times a day while it’s held up to my head. It’s really starting to piss me off. I called Apple, and they will do a replacement on it, but I am just curious if mine is a fluke or if it is a design issue.”

    There are other comments on the issue on Apple’s own official support forum, including this one, which also contains a possible solution.

    “It has happened to me so many times, I’ve lost count. It hurts and is a bad design flaw! I’ve ‘solved’ it by buying a protective case that I needed anyway. The phone was too slippery too and constantly slid around. I hope the protector will help with this problem too! Good luck!!!”

    Disgruntled iPhone X owners also took to Twitter to complain, with comments such as “@Apple dude your iPhone X is ripping the fricken hair from around my ear out!! Not cool. I hate this phone for this new feature.”

    Anyone else who has been suffering in silence about this issue should get in touch with Apple and see about a replacement.

    Source: This is probably the worst reason to have your iPhone X replaced
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    I think the many iPhone before it would have done this to right? I mean if this is true

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