iPhone takes up to 68.2% of all small and medium businesses activations

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    Small and medium companies looking to buy smartphones and tablets destined for use within their work environment are overwhelmingly choosing to go with Apple products, according to some new information that just emerged.

    The statistic was provided by Intermedia, a company that manages around 500,000 premium hosted email accounts with Microsoft Exchange. That’s how Intermedia was able to calculate that iPhones amounted to 68.2% of all smartphone activations in the small and medium business environment in the months between September and November this year.

    While Apple takes the first spot yet again, Android seems to always be the runner up. According to Intermedia data, Android devices accounted for 25% of all activations, while BlackBerry only managed to score the leftover 4%. According to Intermedia, it’s the launch of the iPhone 5 that helped Apple’s case, adding a total of 22 percents to the total.

    When it comes to tablets, the difference between the number 1 and 2 position is even wider. The iPad was seemingly the all time favorite, snatching up to 92.6% of all new activations in the small and medium business section. Surprisingly enough, BlackBerry steps in at number two, with PlayBook at 5.3% percent, while Microsoft’s Surface gets an honorable third spot with 2.1%.

    Apple usually notes in its every quarterly earnings reports that all big companies from the famous Fortune 500 top are using Apple gear (iPhones or iPads) but the information provided by Intermedia proves that Apple is also big with the small companies, as well.

    Source: AppleInsider

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