Gummy Bear Splash Free Today!

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    Hey Guys,
    My first app Gummy Bear Splash is free today on the app store.
    Itunes link below

    Connecting to the iTunes Store.
    (quick 3mb download)

    If you have the time an app store review will be greatly appreciated =)

    Love gummy bears?
    Adore these sweet little things that drop into your screen and say hello.
    Hate gummy bears?
    Destroy these evil sweet chewy little beings with a touch of a finger.
    Or have you just ever wondered what it was like to squeeze their soft little bodies until their juicy guts splash out?
    Gummy Bear Splash will put your fingers to the test.
    Touch the colored gummies before they escape your screen and watch their juicy guts splash and splatter over your screen. Let them escape and lose a life.
    Before you play
    - Touching dark colored gummies will lose you a life. You must let them go.
    - Stages get hard, almost impossible to get 3 star ratings for all levels.
    - More stages/features coming soon

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