[Free for a limited time] Photo Guard - the supreme picture protector for iPhone

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    Hello everyone!

    We have developed the necessary app for everyone concerned about privacy. It's called Photo Guard and it lets you protect all the pictures you have with a pattern lock. It's simple and it's really quick. Moreover, Photo Guard helps manage photos. You could create any number of albums & import your pictures in bulk.

    Rapid Shot mode is the Photo Guard killer feature. You could take a whole photoshoot without pressing that camera button all the time. And all the photos will be protected, no need to transfer them from the Camera Roll! There's no other app with like functionality.

    Here are some screenshots of Photo Guard:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Get Photo Guard now and you won't be afraid to give your iPhone to your brother to play. You'll show your kids' or pets' pictures to your mom and she'll never see any wild party photos. Your girlfriend or boyfriend will never find out that you have his or her naughty pictures. So don't miss your chance to grab Photo Guard while it's free and click this link!

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