Best Buy Protests Walmart’s iPhone 5 Holiday Ads

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    AppleInsider reports today that Best Buy and Walmart are involved in a little squabble about Walmart’s recent advertising during the holiday season, with not just Best Buy, but other retailers as well, apparently protesting to attorney generals in several different US states about the ads. According to The Wall Street Journal, which originally published the story, Best Buy, and other shops such as Toys R Us, were unhappy with what they considered to be inaccurate prices and false advertising in the holiday period, with Walmart’s advertising of a $150 iPhone 4 being under particular scrutiny. The WSJ says that Best Buy apparently lost around $65,000-worth of profit on the day Walmart advertised this $150 iPhone 5 on Facebook, because it was forced to match the Walmart price despite the fact that Best Buy alleges that Walmart did not actually have enough iPhone 5s in stock to satisfy customer demand. Walmart has countered by saying that it did in fact have 98% iPhone 5s in stock.

    [FONT=&quot]Source: Best Buy accuses Walmart of misleading, damaging holiday iPhone 5 sale[/FONT]
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    Oh sheesh

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