Apple Met With Several AR Glasses Suppliers at CES This Year

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    The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has been taking place in Las Vegas this past week, and according to a new report from Bloomberg, via AppleInsider, Apple has met with several different AR glasses suppliers at the show this year. Apparently Google, Facebook, Snap, and Xiaomi have also all taken meetings with AR reps, and Samsung and LG have already ordered some components to built prototypes.

    Bloomberg’s sources were tight-lipped about which companies Apple held meetings with, which is standard operating procedure as far as Apple is concerned, as the company often forbids potential business partners from revealing anything at all about any forthcoming arrangements with Apple. And what rep is going to want to risk a huge deal with Apple to talk about any such deal when not authorised to do so?

    Apple is expected to release an AR headset sometime after 2020, Codenamed T288; the headset is said to be able to operate entirely as a standalone device, without needing to be paired with an iPhone or iPad.

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    Source: Apple met with suppliers during CES to talk AR glasses - report

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