Apple Launches New Free Repairs Program for Apple Watch Series 2

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    AppleInsider reports that Apple has launched a new program that offers free, out-of-warranty repairs for Apple Watch Series 2 battery issues. The news came via a note that was sent to Apple stores and Authorised Repair Providers via Apple’s internal GSX portal.

    The document refers to the fact that “some” Apple Watch Series 2 models will not power on, or have swollen batteries “under certain conditions.” While the memo did not go into detail about minimum eligibility requirements for free repairs, whether or not the watch is deemed eligible will depend on a physical examination.

    Only the 42mm Apple Watch Series 2 models are involved in the program, so it looks like the 38mm models are not affected. You will be able to claim your free repair for your watch for up to 3 years after you bought it, no matter its official Apple warranty status.

    According to the memo, the repair policy is in place not just in the US, but also in Canada, Mexico, and Europe.

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    Source: Apple offers free repairs for Apple Watch Series 2 devices with swollen batteries, power issues
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