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About Us

In June of 2010, our passion for Apple’s iPhone grew so powerful we felt compelled to start our own website on the device. This was how iPhoneForums.net was born. Little did we know what a phenomenal idea that would turn out to be. At first, we were just a small group of friends who were excited to share our enthusiasm for the iPhone with other like-minded folks across the net. In a short while the site grew into a thriving community. We are now the premier resource across the web for news, discussions, support and anything at all related to the Apple iPhone. It’s all thanks to our amazing members.  From consumers to developers, iPhoneForums is a family of like-minded folks who just want to share their passion for the iPhone. If you are looking for iPhone and Apple related news and discussions, please consider iPhoneForums.net your new home.


Editor in Chief – David Storm

David Storm is the Editor in Chief of iPhoneForums.net as well as several other tech sites. David has always had a strong affinity for all forms of technology, and enjoys following the trends in mobile computing, artificial intelligence and gesture & voice based user interfaces. He is even more passionate when it comes to writing about these subjects. Like our very own personal News Anchor, David Storm uses his “word-smith” skills to bring interesting news and topics of discussion to iPhoneForums.net. When not writing news articles, David likes to spend time with friends, engaging in deep philosophical conversations.

Author/Contributor – Radu Tyrsina

Radu has been a technology journalist for the past five years and has been interested in everything related to Apple ever since. On iPhoneforums he is responsible for bringing the latest news to our community of readers. When not in front of his computer, you can find Radu jogging in the park, reading or watching a movie most likely released before he was born.