Apple Reports Q1 2014 results: 51M iPhones, 26M iPads; $57.6B in Revenue & $13.1B in Profit

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Yesterday, Apple has made public the fiscal Q1 2014 earnings, having reported $57.6 billion in revenue and $13.1 billion in net profit representing $14.50 per share. When it comes to the number of sold devices, Apple has shipped 51 million iPhones, 26 million iPads and 4.8 million Macs in the holiday quarter. Compared to Q1 2013, iPhone sales grew 6.7 percent while iPad sales grew 13.5 percent.

So, it seems that the iPad has seen a bigger growth than the iPhone. As we previously reported, analysts were expecting Apple to ship an average of 55 million iPhones and 25 million iPads. As a result, shares of Apple fell nearly 6 percent after the results were first revealed.

The iPad sales numbers beat the expectations, while the iPhone missed them. However, both the iPhone and iPad sales figures were new records, better than previous year’s 47.8 million iPhones and 22.9 million iPads. Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook said the following:

We are really happy with our record iPhone and iPad sales, the strong performance of our Mac products and the continued growth of iTunes, Software and Services. We love having the most satisfied, loyal and engaged customers, and are continuing to invest heavily in our future to make their experiences with our products and services even better.

Apple also sold 4.8 million Macs, compared to 4.1 million in the year-ago quarter. For fiscal 2014 second quarter, Apple is estimating a lower revenue between $42 billion and $44 billion, since the highly lucrative holiday quarter has ended.

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