[Rumor] Pre-Orders for the iPhone 5S and 5C Go Live on China Mobile Ahead of Potential Launch


The next big frontier for Apple to conquer with the iPhone is China’s largest carrier, China Mobile. Earlier in the year we heard rumors that Apple finally worked out a deal for China Mobile to carry the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. That still hasn’t been confirmed, yet rumors persist. Supposedly, on December 18th, the iPhone 5S & 5C will launch on the carrier, but for a small China Mobile subsidiary in the city of Suzhou, preorders briefly went live for both devices.  This has since been taken down, and an official statement, which was supposedly from a China Mobile spokesperson, refuted the Apple deal altogether.

Industry speculation suggests that this was a soft-launch test and the official deal with China Mobile will still be unveiled. If this finally goes through it would be a huge win for Apple considering China Mobile holds over 740 Million subscribers. We will keep you updated if/when more info emerges.

Source: CNN.com

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