Alleged Screenshots of ‘iOS in the Car’ Found in New Firmware


Last year at WWDC 2013, Apple previewed iOS 7 along with most of the firmware’s key features. One of these features that has yet to see the light of day for non-Apple employees was ‘iOS in the Car’. This feature is meant to sync an iOS 7+ device to a supported car dashboard, allowing users to use Apple Maps and other applications right within the vehicle.


App developer Steven Troughton-Smith posted a few pictures on Twitter showing off some allegedly hidden files of the feature in iOS 7.1. While Apple did show off a little bit of iOS in the Car during its keynote, it seems the company has since tweaked the look of the feature.


Although not much is yet known whether these screenshots are the final build or just a UI the company has been messing with, it sure looks like it will match nicely with the new iOS 7 UI. Tim Cook previously mentioned that this feature would be a key focus and important feature for Apple. Currently the company has made deals with such car manufacturers as Acura, BMW, Ferrari, Honda and Audi to add iOS in the Car in newer vehicle models.

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