Have a Look at this Awesome iOS 8 Interactive Notification Concept [Video]


A new interesting concept video released by designer Sam Beckett demonstrates how interactive notifications could work in iOS 8. Of course, this is just an imagination exercise and we don’t really know when Apple will release iOS 8 or what it will look like.

Still, as you probably know, notifications in iOS 7 are displayed as a static banner which means the user is unable to interact with the notification. Beckett’s concept video depicts a scenario where you could reply in a notification for the Twitter app, or quickly open the Maps app when you get a notification that you’ve reached your destination.

This is pretty much similar with how OS X Mavericks’ Notification Center works. This is a really useful feature and one that iOS users will definitely find useful. Will we see it in the next iOS version? Let’s hope so.

Source: iPhone in Canada

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