More than 80% of mobile Black Friday sales were placed from an iPhone or iPad


We have just with you some data according to which Apple’s iPads and iPhones were in high demand over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Now a new reports says that Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices were also used to place more than 80% of the mobile purchases that took place on Black Friday.

According to some reports from IBM’s Digital Analytics Benchmark group cited by Daniel Eran Dilger with AppleInsider, Apple’s iPhone, iPad were used to place 82% of mobile sales on Black Friday.

IBM highlighted that buyers’ use of mobile devices for shopping was up 9 percent over last year, and that mobile devices now account for 37 percent of all shopping traffic and 21 percent of online sales. When breaking down those numbers by mobile platform, IBM reported that iOS devices accounted for more than 4.5 times the total sales of Android or over an 80 percent share of mobile-oriented sales (above), with 17.3 percent of all online sales occurring on an Apple mobile device versus just 3.75 percent on Android products.

IBM stated that iOS users also spent an average of 18 percent more per order: $131.34 versus $111.35 for average Android sales. Apple’s iOS devices also made up 26 percent of all overall mobile traffic, compared to just 11 percent for Android. Microsoft’s Windows Phone, BlackBerry and other mobile platforms didn’t represent enough activity to mention.

This is a very interesting report that shows that Apple’s iconic products, the iPhone and the iPad, have managed to radically change the behaviour of online shoppers. Did you buy something this Black Friday? And if you did, how did you place your order?

Source: AppleInsider


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  1. JohnnyApple

    December 4, 2013 at 11:10 pm

    Wow, this is huge. 80% is huge. I can’t believe Android didn’t get a higher percentage? Honestly I find the report very hard to believe.

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