Razer Game Controller Pics for the iPhone Leaked


Users who like to game on their iPhone but would prefer to have a console-like feel should be intrigued by the above leaked photo. Apparently the gaming peripheral company Razer is working on a game controller designed for the iPhone. It’s called the Razer Kazuyo, and as you can see it allows you to plug your iPhone directly into a console style game controller, complete with extra gaming buttons on the right and a directional arrow button on the left.

razer-iphone-2 razer-iphone-3

That’s not all though. Supposedly there are also a pair of shoulder buttons, and the action buttons will be backlit and are pressure sensitive. Additionally, the hinge tilts to a 45-degree angle. Razer is best known for making third party game controllers for consoles like the Xbox 360. Razer’s newest Kazuyo controller joins the Logitech’s PowerShell and the Moga Ace Power in the race to make a better iOS7 gaming controller for the iPhone. For the most part this design is similar to theirs so it is likely to be around the same price of about $100 USD. We will keep you updated when more info becomes available.

Source: The Verge



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