Apple’s Smartphone Usage Share in the U.S. Remains Above 40%

apple smartphone usage united states

According to the latest data from comScore, (an Internet analytics company which regularly surveys over 30,000 mobile subscribers in the US), Apple’s dominance as the top smartphone OEM has peaked above the 40 percent mark. The company comScore says that 149.2 million Americans owned smartphones in October, which represents a 62.5 percent mobile market penetration. The smartphone usage has increased by 1.3 percent since July.

You can see in the above image the top five smartphone OEMs, as follows:

  • Apple takes a 40.6% share as top US smartphone maker
  • Samsung hits 25.4%
  • HTC has 6.7 percent
  • Motorola is at 7.0 percent
  • LG owns 6.6 percent

Apple, Samsung and Motorola have all seen increases while HTC and LG’s smartphone usage share in the United States has decreased. It’s also interesting to note that for the first time in a long while, Motorola has managed to stop its continuous decline. As for the smartphone platform market share, here’s what comScore shared:

Android ranked as the top smartphone platform in October with 52.2 percent market share (up 0.4 percentage points), followed by Apple with 40.6 percent (up 0.2 percentage points), BlackBerry with 3.6 percent, Microsoft with 3.2 percent (up 0.2 percentage points) and Symbian with 0.2 percent.

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