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by iDan at Jun 7, 2010
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by RaduTyrsina at Oct 1, 2014
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After a whole bunch of regulatory hold-ups, Apple's iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have been approved for sale in China. The delay was caused by Chinese authorities who said they were not pleased with the current state of security on iOS.

But now, as Bloomberg reports, Apple has solved these issues and received the licenses necessary to run the device on Chinese cellular networks. Apple has also announced through a press release that the new iPhones will be available for sale in China on October 17th with pre-orders starting on the 10th.

Source: Bloomberg
by dgstorm at Sep 30, 2014
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When it rains it pours sometimes. While Apple has seen phenomenal success with sales of their iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus phones reaching 10 Million easily in just a few days of release, they have still run into some speed bumps as well. From a bad iOS 8.0.1 update to the silly "bendgate" media frenzy, it seems like everyone is piling on Apple all of a sudden. According to the latest news, even the tax man is after Apple!

According to the latest reports, Apple is in trouble with the European Commission for a form of tax evasion to the tune of as much as $8 Billion dollars. Basically, the EC is accusing Apple of working out tax agreements in Ireland in the early 1990s and late 2000s which “confer an advantage on Apple” that breaks European tax laws.

Here's a quote with some of the details from the EC,

Apple disagrees with this assessment and has repeatedly denied they broke any laws or rules. Here's a quote with their response,

by Maura at Sep 30, 2014
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9to5 Mac reports that Apple has announced that it is to hold its company results earnings call for fiscal Q4 (which includes July, August and September) on October 20.

As usual, Apple will first announce the earnings via a press release, which will be issued approximately half an hour before the earnings call, which will take place at 2 p.m. PST.

While Apple’s earnings results are always of interest, of course, what will make these latest figures particularly notable is the fact that they will include the first sales figures for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

As 9to5 Mac notes, Wall Street analysts have good expectations for Apple’s device sales, with the strong customer demand for the iPhone 6 causing many analysts to up their $AAPL price targets.

Apple will also be giving its forecasts for the upcoming holiday quarter during the earnings release on October 20, which should make very interesting reading.

Source: 9to5 Mac
by dgstorm at Sep 30, 2014
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Even though this is obviously not Apple news, it's still a surprising development in the tech world, so we thought it prudent to share it with you.

It looks like the folks in Redmond can still shock and awe from time to time, although this time it's really just a PR gimmick. Microsoft just officially unveiled Windows 10 to the public. You read that right... they are skipping the Windows 9 name and going straight for the next generation.

While the operating system is still the same thing they have been working on since Windows 8 was a big flop, Microsoft felt that the changes to the OS were so significant it was worth passing over the Windows 9 name. Ultimately this is just a marketing semantics stunt, but it definitely has our attention.

Even more notable is that the release has now slipped farther down the road. According to the report, Windows 10 will be released "later in 2015." Here's a quote with some of the details as to why Microsoft execs decided to go this route,

What do you guys think of Microsoft's curve-ball to the media?

by dgstorm at Sep 30, 2014
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The "Size it up! iPhone 6 Photo Contest" is now over, and while we didn't get a huge volume of entries, we were very pleased with the several entries we received. It was a hard choice to pick between the excellent entries, but the final decision was a unanimous vote amongst your humble HQ staff.

And, the Winner is.... Skyenet with the outstanding Classic Coke Glass Next to the iPhone 6! We loved the blend of pairing something with iconic old-school overtones next to the iconic new-world styling of Apple's iPhone! It also didn't hurt that the picture was very professional looking with solid lighting and great setting/staging balance.


Kudos Skyenet! We will be in contact with you shortly to get your $50 iTunes gift card prize winnings to you!

Thanks for participating everyone!
by PhilSynowiec at Sep 29, 2014
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Let's face it, we all love sending animated GIF images to our friends and family, it's a great way to send a relative or witty response. One thing that has always been problem for GIFs is that the images are so compressed that the entire thing loses quality.

Originally proposed in 2004, Animated PNGs (APNG) were supposed to take over, providing higher quality animations, in exchange for large file sizes. However, in 2007, the PNG group completely reject to format and it never gained the popularity GIFs have now.
Before now, FireFox was one of the only major browsers to support the APNG format. We learned today from MacRumors that the iOS 8 update supports APNG in Safari. The post was later updated stating that OS X Yosemite also supports the file format.
Looking for an example of an APNG? View the beach ball above on Yosemite or iOS 8 and it should be bouncing.
by PhilSynowiec at Sep 29, 2014
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Apple's iPhone 6 and 6 Plus first launched in select countries on September 19th. Less than a week later, Apple launched the two devices in 22 more countries, unfortunately China was still left in the dark.

Apple was unable to get the licenses needed for sale in China on time for the main launch, which was a big deal since the country is Apple's second largest market. Earlier this month, Apple received only one of the two licenses needed to sell the two models in China. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) in China are performing Apple's review, which will need both licenses to legally sell within the country.
A previous report from Bloomberg stated that Apple wouldn't be able to get the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus on the market until early 2015, however a possible leak shared with Techweb says different. The blog republished what looks to be a internal Apple retail employee memo, which claims that the two devices will go on sale October 10. Along with the possible release, the meme states that iPhone 6 "prototypes" will hit store shelves starting October 7, giving customers a preview of the two models.