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by Maura at Jun 26, 2017
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First iPhone SE models made in India reach retail stores.JPG

9to5 Mac reports that the first iPhone SE models to be manufactured in India have arrived in retail stores in several cities in that country following Apple’s confirmation yesterday that production had started on the phones. Unfortunately, though, the fact that the phones were being manufactured locally has not resulted in a reduction of the retail price of the phone, much to the disappointment of those who had thought this would happen, including the Indian government.

One of the main reasons behind Apple’s decision to manufacture the iPhone SE in India was in order to be permitted to open Apple retail stores in the country, as India requires that companies manufacture at least 30% of the products they want to sell in India if they want to open a single-brand store. Presently you can only buy Apple products in third-party authorised reseller retail stores in India.

It appears that Apple is currently not differentiating between iPhone SE models made locally in India and those made elsewhere, and pricing of the phones remains consistent regardless of the country of origin of the phone.

Meanwhile, Apple CEO Tim Cook has today tweeted about his meeting with Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, saying “Great to see you again @narendramodi. We’re inspired by your vision for India and excited about what we can achieve together.”

Source: First ‘Assembled in India’ iPhones rolling out without any fanfare or price reductions as yet
by Maura at Jun 26, 2017
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LG Innotek working on flexible panel circuit boards for iPhone 9.JPG

According to a report in The Korea Economic Daily, via MacRumors, LG Innotek is to begin mass production of flexible printed circuit boards (FPCB) in 2018 in a bid to become Apple’s main supplier for the 2018 iPhone 9.

The Korea Economic Daily’s sources say that LG Innotek has almost finished its first FPCB run, and is expected to start construction on its FPCB manufacturing facilities in the second half of 2017.

LG Innotek is said to be banking on becoming the premier FPCB component manufacturer for Apple and LG Electronics, an area where Samsung Electro-Mechanics currently has the monopoly, and is supplying the majority of FPCB components for the forthcoming iPhone 8, along with Inteflex.

FPCBs are now required by Apple with the advent of the forthcoming OLED iPhone 8, as the previous type of PCBs were not compatible with flexible OLED displays. In May the first rumours about the iPhone 9 materialised, stating that there will be two OLED phones in 2018, a 5.28-inch phone and a 6.46-inch phone.

Source: LG Innotek to Begin Mass Producing Flexible Printed Circuit Boards With Eye on 2018's 'iPhone 9'
by Maura at Jun 26, 2017
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Original iPhone team talks about how it was created.JPG

MacRumors reports that ahead of the 10-year anniversary of the original iPhone this week, The Wall Street Journal has been talking to three of the men who, along with late Apple co-founder and CEO, Steve Jobs, were responsible for the original iPhone, namely Scott Forstall, Tony Fadell, and Greg Christie.

First off, former senior vice president of the iPod division, Tony Fadell, told the WSJ about the surreal experience of Steve Jobs showing him the first demo for the iPhone’s touch controls:

“Steve goes, ‘Come over here I need to show you something.’ So he walked me into the room…and it was basically like a ping-pont-table-sized demo with a projector that was projecting a Mac interface on it. And you could use your whole hand and you could touch different things on it, like it was a big big Mac.

“It was literally a ping-pong-sized multi-touch display. And he goes, ‘I think this is gonna solve our problem.’”

Next up, former Apple vice president of iOS, Scott Forstall, talked about how in 2005 Jobs was not happy with the appearance of the early iPhone designs, and told Forstall’s team that he would give the project to another team if they couldn’t come up with something better.

And finally, former Apple vice president of human interface, Greg Christie, talked about Jobs' initial reaction when the team finally managed to come up with an iPhone design that met with his approval:

“The first time he saw it he was completely silent, he didn’t say a thing. He didn’t say anything, he didn’t gesture, he didn’t’ ask a question. Then he sat back and he said, ‘Show it to me again.’ And so we go through the whole thing again and Steve was pretty much blown away by the whole demonstration. It was great work.

“Our reward for doing a great job on that demonstration was to, you know, kill ourselves over the next...
by Maura at Jun 24, 2017
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New Apple Chicago Store looks like a giant MacBook Air from above.JPG

9to5 Mac reports that Apple’s new Chicago River retail store is boasting a very cool design feature that makes it look like a Giant MacBook Air when viewed from above.

The latest shots of the construction process were posted by DNAinfo, and show the Foster+Partners building with a giant Apple logo in the middle of the metallic roof. However, this may only be a temporary embellishment, sadly, as the DNAinfor reporter said that the construction crews actually “rolled up” the Apple logo and took it away less than an hour after they first placed it there.

“Our store on North Michigan Avenue has welcomed more than 23 million customers since it opened in 2006 and we’re now creating something even more remarkable for Chicago,” Apple spokesman Nick Leahy told DNAInfo in 2015.

DNAinfo also posted a video showing work being carried out on the metallic roof and Apple logo that gives a great idea of the huge scale of the construction, and a perfect, birds-eye view of what looks like the biggest MacBook Air in the world with or without that famous logo!

Sources: Apple’s new Chicago River retail store will look like a massive MacBook Air from the sky

City Should Pay $200K To Man Wrongly Accused Of Firing Gun: City Lawyers
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New dummy images give good idea of how the iPhone 8 will look.JPG

MacRumors reports that prolific leaker Benjamin Geskin has shared more videos and images via his Twitter page that he is referring to as being “most likely how #iPhone8 will look like.”

Geskin’s images include a leaked dummy, screen protector, and printed iOS wallpaper. He has put them all together to give an idea of how the iPhone would look in the hand.

Recent leaks by Geskin and others have shown the iPhone 8 with a 5.8-inch display, very thin bezels, and a cutaway at the top of the screen that houses the front-facing camera and sensor. However, Geskin’s latest photos show the phone with an all-black frame, whereas other recent rumours have referred to a stainless-steel frame.

OnLeaks also posted pictures of a very similar-looking dummy iPhone 8, which Geskin referred to as a “CNC made iPhone 8 dummy. NOT actual device. But looks awesome!”

Slashleaks gave both the Geskin and OnLeaks images a 100% Trust Score.

Source: New iPhone 8 Glimpse Combines Leaked Parts to Show Off What Device Might Look Like at Launch
by Maura at Jun 22, 2017
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SEGA Forever out now.JPG

SEGA has announced a new iOS game collection, SEGA Forever, that will feature games from its illustrious history.

Each game will be free-to-play, supported by ads, and playable offline. Added features will include cloud saves, controller support, and leaderboards. There will also be an ad-free option available costing $1.99.

The SEGA Forever collection is designed to expand over the years, and will include not just official emulations but also ported games from all SEGA console eras, all of which will be adapted for mobile devices but still aiming to remain faithful to the original games.
The first five games are now available in the App Store, being five Mega Drive / Genesis classics:
Source: SEGA
by Maura at Jun 22, 2017
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Many more restaurant loyalty schemes added to Apple Pay.JPG

MacRumors reports today that more major U.S. restaurant chains such as Quiznos, Smashburger, and MOD Pizza will soon be launching Apple-Pay-connected loyalty cards. The inclusion of Quiznos and many other restaurants, such as Pielogy, El Pollo Loco, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and Moe’s Southwest Grill is the result of cloud platform Punchh adding Apple Pay to its mobile app. Punchh is involved in marketing for more than 85 chains, including the above-mentioned.

When an iPhone users visits a Punchh location they will be prompted when paying at the checkout to add the restaurant’s loyalty card to their Wallet app, which will then mean that all points generated by Apple Pay transactions will automatically be added to the loyalty card, as well as any applicable special offers.

Aside from expanding the use of Apple Pay overall, Punchh adding Apple Pay to its app will also benefit Apple financially as the company earns a fee from every transaction.

Source: Apple Pay loyalty cards coming to more restaurants such as Quiznos & MOD Pizza
by Maura at Jun 22, 2017
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Foxconn to invest 10 billion in US plants.JPG

9to5 Mac reports that Foxconn is to set up U.S.-based manufacturing plants in “several” states as part of a deal said to be worth $10B, $7B of which is marked for display production, with the rest set aside for various other products.

According to the original report in Bloomberg, Foxconn chairman Terry Gou has said that there are seven states up for consideration by Foxconn as factory locations, namely Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Texas.

“Our investment in the U.S. will focus on these states because they are the heart of the country’s manufacturing sector,” Gou told investors. “We are bringing the entire industrial chain back to the traditional manufacturing region of the U.S. That may include display-making, semiconductor packaging and cloud-related technologies.”

Gou said that the new plants could create “tens of thousands” of jobs in America. As far as timeframe is concerned, Foxconn will be announcing the location of the display plant in July.

Source: Foxconn narrowed US factory locations to seven states, will decide next month
by Maura at Jun 22, 2017
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Periscope launches Super Hearts feature.JPG

Periscope broadcasts have become one of the best ways to stream and view live content on the web. So easy to use for both viewers and broadcasters, Periscope is about to get much, much bigger with the announcement from Twitter that you can now reward your favourite broadcasters with Super Hearts.

Before today, Periscope viewers could express their love for their favourite Periscoper by simply tapping the screen to send a heart during a broadcast. Now that love has just become monetised with the introduction of Super Hearts, which Twitter refers to as “a more meaningful way to celebrate your favourite broadcasters…virtual gifts you can give and receive during live broadcasts.”

Bigger, and more animated, Super Hearts can be enabled by tapping the Super Hearts icon during the broadcast to activate them, then simply tap away as usual to send them.

To fund the Super Hearts you must first tap “get coins” and then buy a coin package from the App Store. You can then send Super Hearts until your coins run out, and then rinse and repeat! By sending Super Hearts you’ll be added to a leaderboard that will show who has given each broadcaster the most support. In turn, the broadcaster will be able to easily view who are their most loyal supporters.

Super Hearts can only be sent during a live broadcast, and broadcasters don’t have to use them if they don’t want to, they can simply chose to keep the old style hearts.

Each Super Heart is worth a different star value, and counts towards a broadcaster’s star balance. Twitter says that it is also launching a Super Broadcaster Program today alongside Super Hearts, and will be inviting broadcasters into the program. Broadcasters that are invited into the program can exchange their star balance for cash. The program is currently US-only, but will roll out to other countries soon.

This seems like a genius move from Team Periscope just as the platform is really taking off in a big way.

by Maura at Jun 21, 2017
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Pokemon Go Gym and Raid Battle update arrives.JPG

Niantic is today rolling out possibly the biggest and most significant Pokémon Go update since the game was first launched last summer. Just as announced by the company a couple of days ago, the update ushers in a massive overhaul of the Gym system, as well as paving the way for the new Raid Battles.

First up, here are the release notes and comments from the Pokémon Go team:

Also included in the update, as noted by Polygon, is a way of shaming cheaters, meaning that those Pokémon that have been obtained via cheating, i.e., what a Niantic rep referred to on Reddit today as “using third-party services that circumvent normal gameplay,” will be “marked with a slash in the inventory and may not behave as expected.” The Niantic rep did not reveal just how strangely the marked Pokémon might act, maybe it will even admonish the player in some way, which would be kind of cool to see! Polygon has asked Niantic for more confirmation about how differently Pokémon caught via cheating methods might behave.

Sources: 'Pokemon GO' Big Gym and Raid Update Going Live Now

Pokémon Go has a new way to shame cheaters
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