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by PhilSynowiec at Sep 15, 2014
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The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were announced just last week and will go on sale this Friday, September 19. This year, Apple failed to keep the two devices under wraps, as most of parts that make up the two device leaked onto the interweb months before the announcement.


Today it seems some lucky folks have already got their hands on the two devices. According to Dan Tri, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were both spotted in a Red River restaurant, located in Vietnam. Tri managed to tinker with the devices a bit, confirming they were legitimate and mentioning that the 6 Plus was comfortable to hold and felt like "a miniature mini iPad."
Tri also mentioned that the protruding cameras on the back of the devices weren't very noticeable when using the iPhones or slipping them into a pocket. Finally, Tri mentions that the two phones are both "fast" and quick to open apps.
by PhilSynowiec at Sep 15, 2014
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Over the weekend, Apple competitor Samsung started airing a new TV ad for the upcoming Galaxy Note 4. The ad titled "Then and Now" shows off some of the phablet's features, along with taking a few shots at Apple.

The Note 4 ad mentions how Samsung has been making phablets for years and how Apple is trying to imitate the Note line with the iPhone 6 Plus. "Now it's (the Note 4) is not being dismissed by competitors... it's being imitated", that ad says while displaying a BGR article titled "The truth hurts, Apple fans: You can thank Samsung for your big new iPhone displays".

Apple is no stranger when it comes to shot fired by Samsung. The South Korean company likes to release TV spots almost every time Apple announces a new device, claiming that its product is better than Apple's.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be released in October, sporting a 5.7-inch 2560x1440 Quad-ultra HD 2K display, a 16MP camera and 3320 mAh battery.
by PhilSynowiec at Sep 15, 2014
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Back in June, T-Mobile announced its new 'Test Drive' program at the Uncarrier 5.0 event. The program allows customers to initially borrow an iPhone for free and test out T-Mobile's network for a week.

According to a T-Mobile spokesperson, the carrier will be updating all of its current iPhone test devices to iOS 8 as soon as it's released to the public, as well as adding the iPhone 6 into the program.

"We don’t have a definitive timeline, but we do intend to switch over in future," the spokesperson told Re/Code. “There are a variety of factors that affect that timeline, (including) product availability.”

This is good news for current Android owners, folks iffy about the new iPhone 6, or those wanting to try out a different carrier. T-Mobile's 'Test Drive' program places a $750 hold on the customer's credit card and will charge $100 for any damage to the device.
by PhilSynowiec at Sep 15, 2014
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Last September, Apple had a change of heart and started offering the Pages, Keynote, Numbers , iMovie and GarageBand app for free to all iOS users. When firing up the App Store on a new or newly restored device for the first time, the marketplace gives an options to download these and more free Apple apps simultaneously to the device.

According to an Apple Retail training manual, obtained by Dan DeSilva of 9to5Mac, the 64 and 128GB models of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will come with the iLife and iWork apps pre-installed. Although Apple has upped the storage capacity on the new iPhone 6 models, these apps take up a bit of space, so not everyone will be too happy.


It seems the pre-load is limited to the 64 and 128 GB models, while 16GB iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus owners will have to download the apps manually. No word on whether or not these apps will be able to be delete off of the high capacity iPhones, but we can only hope that we won't have to hide them like most to with Newsstand.
by wicked at Sep 15, 2014
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What better way to celebrate the upcoming iPhone 6 release other than a giveaway? Better yet, an otterbox giveaway? Otterbox was kind enough to host this giveaway/contest and one lucky iPhoneForums.net registered member will win one of these 4 iphone 6 cases of your choice!

Rules are simple, simply post in this thread what color iPhone 6 you'll be getting and which iPhone6 Otterbox case interests you the most. This contest will end in 3 days and one random winner will be chosen. The Otterbox iPhone6 lineup can be found here and as follows:

Defender Series:
– Triple-layer, ultra rugged iPhone 6 cases made to survive the bumps, drops and scrapes you encounter on your adventures
– Built-in screen protector shelters every inch of the 4.7” display, defending against scratches, scrapes and scuffs
– Protective membrane cradles the Touch ID to block dust and debris and enhance device functionality
– Customize your case with a variety of color options and build your own personally designed case
– Belt-clip holster keeps your device handy and provides a mini-stand for hands-free use

Symmetry Series:

– Dual-material construction makes this one of the slimmest, most protective iPhone 6 cases in its class
– Sleek and slim iPhone 6 case is a cinch to install
– Make this stylish iPhone 6 case your canvas for design when you choose from a full spectrum of wraparound colors and graphics
– Streamlined design delivers tough protection from drops and shock

Commuter Series:

– Safeguard your device from the daily grind with this slim but sturdy iPhone 6 case
– Tight-fitting port and plug covers keep grit and grime from building up in your jacks, ports and inputs
– Comes with a stick-on screen protector...
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Last week at the Appe keynote the company surprised many, unveiling the Apple Watch, iPhone 6, Apple Pay and more. Towards the end, the company also brought the popular rock band U2 on stage for one more surprise, a free album.

U2's latest album 'Songs of Innocence' was given out for free to iOS users, showing up in the stock Music app after the keynote. Although the album was free, not everyone was happy about the album being forced onto users without warning, as well as showing up in their iTunes purchase history.


Today, Apple released a tool for removing every bit of Song of Innocence from user devices and iTunes accounts. Simply go to the tool page here, sign in to your iTunes account, and all traces of the album will vanish.

According to The New York Times, the Cupertino firm payed upwards of $100 million dollars for U2 to release the album for free. Song of Innocence is still currently a free download, but will later turn into a paid download starting October 15th.
by dgstorm at Sep 15, 2014
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Verizon Wireless has a shocker of a deal for some of its customers, although it's not something they are likely to advertise too heavily. This awesome "secret" deal is that starting today, any Verizon customers who are eligible for an upgrade on or before November 15th, 2014 are eligible for that upgrade immediately, for any device!

This includes the hotly anticipated iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. This special upgrade opportunity is only going to be around for a limited time, so be sure to jump on it quick. It's surprising to see Big Red basically give their customers 2 free months out of their contract, but it's probably a brilliant marketing strategy considering the timing.

Source: AndroidPolice
by Maura at Sep 15, 2014
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Apple is claiming that its new A8 system-on-a-chip, which will feature in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, is massively superior in terms of processing power than previous processors, and AppleInsider reports today on how Apple has managed to achieve this.

According to AnandTech, it is likely that the A8 is equipped with Imagination’s 6-core PowerVR Series6XT GX6650. MacRumors says that this is the only PowerVR part that would be able to achieve the degree of performance improvement that Apple is claiming as well as supporting ARM’s Adaptive Scalable Texture Compression (ASTC), which developer documents reveal is a feature of the A8.

ATSC is apparently a new standard for texture compression that means that GPU manufacturers are able to make their chips more efficient in terms of power, while still maintaining high performance levels.

The codec is able to compress almost any texture, of any format, with various bitrates depending on the required levels of performance.

Source: AppleInsider