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by Maura at Oct 1, 2016
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Agatha Christie ABC Murders out now.JPG

Agatha Christie: The A.B.C. Murders, the console and PC hit game from Microïds and Artefacts Studios, has arrived in the App Store. Based around one of Agatha Christie’s most popular murder mystery novels, the game puts the player in the shoes of Belgian detective Hercule Poirot. Apple has already highlighted it in the App Store as one of the “New Games We Love.”

The adventure and investigation gameplay requires strategy, skill, wit, and composure in order to solve a series of murders that have everyone stumped. The game is played from Poirot’s point of view, base on his particular style of deductive reasoning using those famous “little grey cells.”

Here are some of the game’s key features:
by Maura at Oct 1, 2016
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PewDiePie Tuber Simulator straight to number 1 in App Store iPhone.JPG

Superstar YouTuber PewDiePie’s new iOS game, Tuber Simulator, has soared to the top of the App Store charts in 29 countries in just a couple of days, reports VentureBeat. In fact the game was so in demand that it actually crashed the App Store, Pokémon Go style, for a while. If you’re not familiar with PewDiePie, he’s actually one of the most famous YouTubers in the world, with more than 48 million subscribers to his YouTube channel, so it’s no surprise at all that his second ever iOS game is such a huge hit. It also helps that its actually really good (and it features a cute pug minigame)!

The game was developed by Outerminds (who also made PewDiePie’s first number 1 iOS game, Legend of the Brofist) and published by PewDiePie’s own company, Revelmode.

Gameplay revolves around trying to become a successful YouTuber, just like PewDiePie himself (real name Felix Kjellberg), by making the best videos you can and buying upgrades to make them even better. You can also spend your money in-app to help you progress as a YouTuber, which has helped the game to become one of the top 100 highest-grossing iPhone games in the US.

Here are some of PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator’s key features:
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by Maura at Sep 30, 2016
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Infinite tanks out now 2.JPG

Infinite Tanks is out now for iOS, offering the ultimate in automotive assault. The game gets its name from its powerful personalisation system, which uses virtual cards to represent each vehicle’s component parts. The choice available for each vehicle’s engine, body, track, turrets, and guns produces over 100 million unique vehicles, excluding aesthetic personalization options such as paint and accessories.

Players can mix, match, and swap cards with their friends to create their own version of the perfect vehicle to suit their own particular play style, from nippy speedsters to great big lumbering hunks of pure defensive power, to all-out attack vehicles with massive booming guns. Once you’ve created your perfect beast, then its onward to the multiplayer mayhem.

Infinite tanks out now.JPG

Here are some of the game’s key features:
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by Maura at Sep 30, 2016
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Zerodium pays big bounty for iOS 10 zero day exploits.JPG

9to5 Mac reports that black hat security firm Zerodium has increased its maximum bounty for finding zero-day iOS 10 exploits to $1.5 million, having previously offered $1 million for iOS 9 exploits.

Zero-day exploits are those that have not yet been discovered by the developer, and therefore give companies zero days to prepare. Zerodium’s founder, Chaouki Bekrar, told Arstechnica that the company was offering more money for iOS 10 exploits as a result of the increased security in iOS 10.

Bekrar said that Zerodium was prepared to offer much more money for the discovery of zero-day iOS exploits than Android exploits because “iOS 10 chain exploits are either 7.5 x harder than Android or the demand for iOS exploits is 7.5 x higher. The reality is a mix of both.”

Explaining what makes an exploit worth of big-bucks payouts from Zerodium, Bekrar said, “To qualify for a Zerodium bounty, the chain must generally work almost flawlessly to surreptitiously give an attacker complete control over the targeted device. In the parlance of hackers, that’s called a weaponized exploit. It’s not enough that a researcher provides only a rough outline of the vulnerabilities with a less-than-perfect proof-of-concept exploit. The bounties paid by Apple and Google, by contrast, are much less demanding, and as a result, they generally require less work.”

Source: Black hat security company increases bounty to $1.5M as iOS 10 ‘much harder to exploit’
by Maura at Sep 30, 2016
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Apple talking to Sharp about supplying OLED displays.JPG

Bloomberg Markets reports that Apple is currently in talks with Sharp to manufacture organic LED (OLED) displays for next year’s iPhones. Bloomberg’s source says that Apple is talking to Sharp because it wants to add to its current pool of suppliers for OLED screens. The source added that any such agreement between Sharp and Apple would depend on Sharp’s output capacity.

This news comes hot on the heels of Sharp announcing that it is to invest 57.4 billion yen ($566 million) to develop OLED production facilities in Mie and Osaka, but this would not have any effect on next year’s iPhones as output from these new facilities is not expected to start until June 2018. However, the promise of a big ongoing order from Apple has certainly played some part in Sharp's plans.

Source: The LED Screen on Your Next iPhone May Be Supplied by Sharp
by Maura at Sep 30, 2016
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2017 iPhone could have all glass chasis and stainless steel frame for premium models.JPG

According to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the jet black iPhone 7 model was responsible for around 35% of all sales for the iPhone 7, despite being only available for the 128GB and 256GB versions.

This has led Kuo to consider that with Apple’s first attempt at offering different design features based on capacity being such a success, it could lead Apple to do something similar with the 2017 iPhone. In particular, Kuo has told his investors that he thinks Apple will offer higher-capacity, more expensive iPhones with a new stainless steel frame, with the regular iPhone model having an all-glass casing minus the stainless steel.

Source: All 2017 iPhones likely to have glass casing, stainless steel edges may be limited to high-end models
by Maura at Sep 29, 2016
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The Banner Saga 2.JPG

When it was launched back in 2014, The Banner Saga won much critical acclaim and many awards, including Pocket Gamer’s Best RPG of the Year award, and was also named an Editor’s Choice title and one of the Top 50 Rated Paid Apps by Apple. Now The Banner Saga 2 has arrived in the App Store, and everyone’s getting pretty excited to have another chance to enter the beautiful world of Banner Saga.

The epic story-driven strategy role-playing game sees you leading Viking clans across hostile country that is on the verge of ruin. It’s up to you to make bold decisions as a leader, manage your resources, and excel in battle if you are to have any hope of survival.

Here are some of the game’s key features:

by Maura at Sep 29, 2016
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iOS 10 is out.JPG

BGR has unearthed a new and very useful iPhone 7 Plus feature hidden in the iOS 10.1 beta. Although the beta has been available to developers for over a week, BGR’s Zach Epstein says that he’s surprised that no one else is talking about this particular feature.

When the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were first released, the various speed tests showed that despite having an extra gigabyte of RAM, the iPhone 7 Plus didn’t appear to have a performance advantage over the iPhone 7.

However, that all looks set to change with iOS 10.1, according to Epstein, who notes that in iOS builds prior to iOS 10.1 beta 1, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus frequently flush minimised apps, meaning that when you switch back to the app, it has to be refreshed again because its state hasn’t been saved.

However, Epstein has found that for iPhone 7 Plus units running iOS 10.1 beta 1, this does not happen. Basically, what Epstein and other iPhone 7 Plus users have noticed is that many more apps now have their states saved, leading to faster performance as you don’t have to wait for an app to refresh when you switch to it.

There’s no guarantee that this feature will make it past the beta stages, of course, but fingers crossed.

Source: No one is talking about the game-changing new iPhone 7 Plus feature coming in iOS 10.1
by Maura at Sep 29, 2016
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Union Square Cafe to adopt Apple Watch for managers.JPG

9to5 Mac reports on another story of a business that is using the Apple Watch as part of its customer service initiative, namely the 30-year-old Union Square Café, which is due to reopen next month.

According to a story in Eater, Shake Shack founder Danny Meyer, who owns the Union Square Café, wants every floor manager and sommelier to wear an Apple Watch. Then, when a VIP enters the restaurant, or someone asks for a bottle of wine or a menu item runs out of stock, for example, every manager will be alerted to this via their Apple Watch.

iPads will also be a part of the system, which has been devised in conjunction with Meyer and reservation system startup Resy.

Other uses for the Apple Watch as part of the new system include pinging the coat-room attendant to get a guest’s coat when they are ready to leave, hopefully making for a much more streamlined dining experience all round, and making things a lot easier for the management team as well.

Source: New York’s Union Square Cafe will use Apple Watches to enhance customer service
by Maura at Sep 29, 2016
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Apple to open campus in Battersea Power Station.JPG

The London Evening Standard newspaper, via MacRumors, has reported that Apple is to build a massive campus in London’s iconic Battersea Power Station, moving 1,000 employees into the new offices from eight other locations in London.

Apple is set to lease 500,000 square feet for the site, which would make it one of Apple’s biggest offices aside from its US campuses. However, Apple’s official European headquarters will still be in Cork, Ireland, where 4,000 people are employed by the company. Apple’s offices are expected to open in 2021.

Apple officially confirmed the news in a statement to the Standard, saying that it was looking forward to the 2021 opening in “this magnificent new development at one of the city’s best-known landmarks…This is a great opportunity to have our entire team working and collaborating in one location while supporting the renovation of a neighbourhood rich with history.”

Apple will take up the top six floors inside the boiler house, complete with huge central atrium, in what sounds like a magnificent development.

Source: Apple Planning New UK Headquarters in London's Historic Battersea Power Station

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