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by iDan at Sep 19, 2014
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The iPhone 6 is finally here and we decided to celebrate this incredible day with a giveaway!!! Not only that, but we decided to make it an iTunes $50.00 Gift Card giveaway! That way, you can grab some new apps, music, or your favorite TV shows or movies and have it all paid for!

One of the most popular questions in the media has been the actual size of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. We put our heads together and came up with an awesome idea to help answer this question! Read the contest rules below for the answer.

Simply post a photo of your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus next to an "everday-average" object to show off the size and scale of Apple’s newest phone. The photo itself must include "iPhoneForums.net" and your username somewhere in the shot. The iPhoneForums.net text can either be written, displayed on the iPhone or you can print out our logo. (logo file is here:http://www.iphoneforums.net/img/iphoneforum-6.png)

We've taken a few photos of our personal iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to give you some ideas and kick this giveaway off! There will be no limit on how many photos you can submit, and iPhoneForums.net staff will ultimately pic our favorite from all of the entries.

Update: We realized we forgot to put a deadline for the contest. Please have your entries in by Tuesday, September 30th at Noon! Thanks!
by iDan at Jun 7, 2010
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by PhilSynowiec at Sep 29, 2014
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Let's face it, we all love sending animated GIF images to our friends and family, it's a great way to send a relative or witty response. One thing that has always been problem for GIFs is that the images are so compressed that the entire thing loses quality.

Originally proposed in 2004, Animated PNGs (APNG) were supposed to take over, providing higher quality animations, in exchange for large file sizes. However, in 2007, the PNG group completely reject to format and it never gained the popularity GIFs have now.
Before now, FireFox was one of the only major browsers to support the APNG format. We learned today from MacRumors that the iOS 8 update supports APNG in Safari. The post was later updated stating that OS X Yosemite also supports the file format.
Looking for an example of an APNG? View the beach ball above on Yosemite or iOS 8 and it should be bouncing.
by PhilSynowiec at Sep 29, 2014
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Apple's iPhone 6 and 6 Plus first launched in select countries on September 19th. Less than a week later, Apple launched the two devices in 22 more countries, unfortunately China was still left in the dark.

Apple was unable to get the licenses needed for sale in China on time for the main launch, which was a big deal since the country is Apple's second largest market. Earlier this month, Apple received only one of the two licenses needed to sell the two models in China. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) in China are performing Apple's review, which will need both licenses to legally sell within the country.
A previous report from Bloomberg stated that Apple wouldn't be able to get the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus on the market until early 2015, however a possible leak shared with Techweb says different. The blog republished what looks to be a internal Apple retail employee memo, which claims that the two devices will go on sale October 10. Along with the possible release, the meme states that iPhone 6 "prototypes" will hit store shelves starting October 7, giving customers a preview of the two models.
by PhilSynowiec at Sep 29, 2014
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When it comes to Major League Baseball apps, the official MLB.com At Bat is arguably the best application to have on an iOS device. At Bat allows users to track stats, listen to live coverage, as well as live stream numerous games on the go.

On Monday, for the first time ever, MLB.com announced that At Bat will be live streaming every game in the World Series as well as a few postseason games on the go. Baseball-lovers will need to be MLB.tv Premium subscribers to access the content but can also pay $3.99 to view the rest of the season.

Today's app update notes via App Store:
  • For the first time we will be streaming live every World Series game and select other Postseason games to all authenticated MLB.TV Premium subscribers
  • Live Postseason coverage for every game through the 2014 World Series
  • Postseason.TV: Live companion coverage featuring up to 10 alternate camera angles for the AL Wild Card, AL Division Series and AL Championship Series (TBS broadcasts only)
  • General performance improvements
The Major League Baseball postseason starts on September 30, through the rest of October. If you're one who is interested in live coverage, in-game play tracking, and other features, MLB.tv At Bat is available for free in the App Store.
by PhilSynowiec at Sep 29, 2014
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Colette, a popular fashion boutique in Paris is about to kick off its "one day only experience" tomorrow, September 30. French blog Macplus reports that the event will take place from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM at Colette's gallery on rue Saint-Honoré in Paris.

Although the boutique hasn't leaked any information on what is to be shown at the event, the invites sent out to attendees seem to resemble the Apple Watch Homescreen. At the top of the invite, there is a pattern of dots that do look a lot like the honeycomb of apps shown on the Apple Watch at the iPhone 6 event earlier this month.

MacRumors forum member Rogifan did some investigating, looking through Apple industrial design team member Mikael Silvanto's Instagram, finding several photos of his trip to Paris for Paris Fashion Week. One of the photos shows an Apple team member, eating a meal in Paris with a cigarette in his mouth, beer in hand, and an Apple Watch worn on his left wrist.

More photos show Jony Ive and Marc Newson in the background, so it looks like the Apple Watch might be making a huge splash at the event. The Apple Watch was unveiled earlier this month and will be released "early 2015".
by PhilSynowiec at Sep 29, 2014
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Since the release of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, developers have been on the move to update their apps to support the larger displays. Even though Apple made it so apps upscale to the larger displays automatically, there are still tweaks and changes most apps need to run smoothly.

Although the popular messaging app WhatsApp hasn't been refreshed for the larger displays, Facebook updated Messenger with native iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus support. Messenger 13.0 came with release notes that simply stated "Now updated for iPhone 6", meaning that the enlarged Camera Roll bug and a security flaw, which caused more expensive calls through the app, have been tweaked and fixed.

Another important app that was updated today for for the iPhone 6 models was Amazon's Kindle. Kindle 4.5.1 includes the support for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, along with various bug fixes and stability improvements. Amazon updated the Kindle less than 24 hours after the public release of iOS 8 with notification center widgets, which included shortcuts to recently read books.

Both Facebook Messenger and Amazon Kindle are free in the app store. A bit of a side note, Amazon recently launched its Kindle Unlimited service at $9.99 per month, which is basically the Netflix of e-books and audiobooks.
by dgstorm at Sep 29, 2014
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A security researcher recently discovered something a bit frightening in iOS 8. Apparently, when you have the QuickType predictive feature activated in iOS 8, it will actually suggest parts of your password as part of its predictive typing feature. Here's a quote with an example,

Ouch! This is a major security issue. If someone gets hold of your device, they can probably fool around with it long enough to get it to tell them part of your password. Obviously this is something that Apple is probably working on in one of their updates they plan to release, but in the mean-time, you should turn off the QuickType predictive feature, just to be safe.

To do that you need to turn “Predictive” to OFF in the Settings > General > Keyboard.

Source: BGR