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by Maura at Aug 23, 2017
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Rumour iPhone 8 release date September 22.JPG

According to a new report on BGR, Apple will be launching the iPhone 8 on September 22. The news comes via a leaked from what is claimed to be an iPhone carrier presentation, images and details of which were posted on Chinese microblogging website Weibo.

According to the translation of the information, the iPhone will be released in the third week of September, with the announcement event for all three new iPhones taking place in the week of September 10.

BGR also says that the fact that Samsung is set to make the forthcoming Galaxy Note 8 available for pre-order as early as tomorrow, many weeks before the device is set to be released on September 15, could be because Samsung is aware that Apple’s new iPhone line-up is set to be released just 1 week later, and therefore has decided to move pre-orders forward in order to be able to counteract all the publicity from the iPhone launch.

Source: We may finally know the iPhone 8’s release date
by Maura at Aug 23, 2017
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Apple to offer iPhone 8 in 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB options.JPG

9to5 Mac reports that according to a new post on Chinese microblogging website Weibo, Apple will be offering the iPhone 8 in three storage capacities: 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB.

This represents a doubling of the current 32GB entry-level model iPhone 7, and the 512GB option would be a first for the iPhone. It’s the first time that we’ve heard rumours of the 512GB option for the iPhone 8, with even KGI securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo only mentioning 64GB and 256GB versions previously.

The 512GB storage option first became available in iOS devices earlier this year with the advent of the new 2017 iPad Pro models, so it’s no big stretch to see Apple adopting the same options for the new iPhones.

According to the original poster, Geekbar, Apple will source the storage NAND from different suppliers according to the capacity, with the 64GB and 256GB chips being produced by Toshiba and SanDisk, and the 512GB chip being produced by Samsung and Hynix.

Image: Mobilenet

Source: Chinese report suggests Apple to sell iPhone 8 with 64 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB storage options
by Maura at Aug 23, 2017
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Virgin Mobile USA offers 1 year of unlimited data for 1 dollar.JPG

MacRumors reports that Virgin Mobile USA has announced that iPhone owners who switch to the carrier from their existing carrier, bringing their current number with them, will get 1 year of unlimited talk, text, and data for $1 with AutoPay. The promotion is available for a strictly limited time only, finishing on August 31, 2017.

There are, as you might expect, a few caveats for this “Inner Circle” deal: video quality will be restricted to up to 480p, music streams to up to 500 kbps, and games streams up to 2 Mbps, and “practically everything else” will have 4G LTE speeds, according to Virgin Mobile USA.

Customers purchasing a brand new, full-price iPhone from Virgin Mobile will also be eligible for the deal. Virgin is currently selling the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 6s Plus for the same price as Apple, and you can also get the iPhone SE from Virgin for $279.99, which is $120 off the list price of $399.

Source: Verizon’s good unlimited data plan is now three bad unlimited plans
by Maura at Aug 23, 2017
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Verizon replaces unlimited data plan and throttles video.JPG

The Verge reports that Verizon Wireless has announced that its current unlimited data plan is no more, and will be replaced by three new options: Go Unlimited (from $75 for a single line); Beyond Unlimited ($85 for first line); and Business Unlimited. Apparently, these new plans are all much more complicated than the previous plan, which was introduced back in February.

Also, and possibly the main cause of the complaints about the new schemes, the Go Unlimited plan throttles all smartphone video streaming to 480p DVD quality. “Moving forward, HD video on all legacy plans will also match Beyond Unlimited’s HD quality,” said Verizon in its press release about the changes. This means that eventually, the maximum video quality that Verizon users will be able to achieve is 720p streaming on iPhones and 1080p on iPads, and nothing higher than that whatsoever, even if you’re using a laptop connected to your mobile hotspot.

“We’re doing this to ensure all customers have a great experience on our network since there is no visible difference in quality on a smartphone or tablet when video is shown at higher resolutions,” said Verizon. Verizon also claims that “nobody can see a difference” between 720p and 1080p, but as The Verge says, it does not provide any evidence to support this statement.

Source: Verizon’s good unlimited data plan is now three bad unlimited plans
by Maura at Aug 23, 2017
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Entire iPhone 7s display assembly leaks 3.JPG
Entire iPhone 7s display assembly leaks 1.JPG

Slashleaks has today posted three images that originally appeared on Chinese microblogging website Weibo that are claimed to show the display assembly of the forthcoming iPhone 7s. Slashleaks gives the images a 100% Trust Score, and they certainly do look genuine.

The most notable aspect of the first of the three images, which shows the front assembly, is the space in the usual location for the Touch ID sensor and home button, which will hopefully calm any remaining worries about the chances of the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus models having a rear Touch ID sensor following the leak of a dubious video yesterday showing an iPhone 7s with a rear Touch ID sensor. This is starting to look like a very nice option indeed for those who want to stick to the traditional iPhone form-factor for a couple more years rather than the radical redesign (and presumably much higher starting price point) of the forthcoming OLED iPhone 8, complete with 3D facial recognition.

The two other images feature the rear of the display assembly, with one showing the rear in its entirety, and the other showing a zoomed-in view of the bottom of the assembly, with various connectors.

Source: Full iPhone 7s display assembly leaks out « SLASHLEAKS
by Maura at Aug 22, 2017
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iPhone 8 innovations listed.JPG

AppleInsider writes about a new report from Bloomberg that looks at the ways in which the iPhone 8 is innovative, introducing some brand new features to the smartphone world.

First and foremost is the 3D facial recognition system, of course, which is expected to take the place of Touch ID for Apple Pay transactions as well as for unlocking the phone, and which includes an infrared sensor to enable facial recognition even in the dark.

The rear camera is also said to include innovatory technology as far as augmented reality is concerned, as well as “SmartCam” technology.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg points out that rival phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Essential Phone have already been using some of the features that are new to Apple with the iPhone 8 for quite some time, such as edge-to-edge displays, virtual home buttons, OLED screens and wireless charging.

Image: Bloomberg

Sources: Report highlights 3D facial recognition, camera tech as Apple's original efforts in 'iPhone 8'

Apple's Winning iPhone Formula Is Perfecting Its Rivals Best Ideas
by Maura at Aug 22, 2017
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New iPhone 8 component images leak.JPG

MacRumors reports today on more apparent leaks of iPhone 8 component images, as well as a rather unlikely looking video that it is claimed shows an iPhone 8 with a rear Touch ID sensor undergoing quality control testing.

First off we have the photo of what is said to be a 3D sensing camera module for the iPhone 8. The image originally appeared on Chinese microblogging website Weibo, as did a new video that is said to show an Apple iPhone with a rear Touch ID sensor going through quality control.

While the first image is most likely a genuine part, the video is less convincing, especially with all the most recent rumours debunking earlier reports that the iPhone 8 would have rear Touch ID. The phone shown in the video could of course be either an iPhone 7s or iPhone 7s Plus, but recent reports have strongly indicated that both those phones will have the Touch ID sensor on the front of the phone as usual. It’s also possible that the video could show an earlier test model of any of the three new iPhones prior to Apple deciding on the final version, as previously leaked dummies and schematics have shown new iPhone models with rear Touch IDs.

Source: Photo Emerges of Alleged 'iPhone 8' 3D Sensing Camera Module
by Maura at Aug 22, 2017
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iPhone 8 3D sensing technology 2 years ahead of Qualcomm.JPG

According to noted KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is 2 years ahead of Qualcomm with the 3D sensing technology that is rumoured to be replacing Touch ID in the iPhone 8. So much so, in fact, that Kuo says that Qualcomm won’t be shipping such technology in any sort of significant numbers until at least 2019.

Kuo says that Qualcomm is way behind Apple in terms of both hardware and software, and this “immaturity” will delay the arrival of 3D sensing technology in Android devices. Only Xiaomi is currently lined up as a customer for Qualcomm’s tech, and even that company is waiting to see how the market feeds back on Apple’s iPhone 8 3D sensing tech before it decides to use it in its own devices.

Kuo previously reported that the iPhone 8’s 3D sensing technology includes a “revolutionary” front-facing camera with an infrared module for 3D sensing. TSMC is manufacturing the infrared transmitter’s diffractive optical element and wafer-level optical, whereas Qualcomm technology involves a 2-in-1 system of Himax’s DOE and WLO. This is what Kuo means when he refers to the “huge difference” between Apple and Qualcomm’s 3D components supplier.

Source: KGI: Apple’s iPhone 8 ahead of Qualcomm with 3D sensing tech by 2 years
by Maura at Aug 21, 2017
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Barclays is the first UK high street bank to enable payment via Siri.JPG

Barclays has today announced that it is the first UK high street bank to enable payments by Apple’s virtual assistant, Siri. According to Barclays, customers can now make payments to existing payees or mobile contacts simply by saying “Hey Siri, Pay [Sarah] £15 with Barclays.”

You don’t even have to open your Barclays app to make the payment, simply use Siri and Touch ID to authenticate the payment.

Barclays says that one advantage of this new method is that it will help those who are physically impaired to access payment services more easily. Barclays also claims that it will make secure banking easier, and faster for all its customers.
Source: Barclays.
by Maura at Aug 21, 2017
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iPhone 8 3D facial recognition tech can measure in millionths of seconds.JPG

9to5 Mac reports today that according to a story today in the Korea Herald, the iPhone 8’s OLED display, which is being manufactured by Samsung, will have facial recognition capabilities that can measure in “millionths of a second.”

The Korea Herald report about the new iPhone 8 OLED facial recognition system says that the system is so effective that it can “deeply sense a user’s face in the millionths of a second.”

Looking at the advent of facial recognition systems on mobile phones in general, The Wall Street Journal writes that systems such as, presumably, the new iPhone 8 system, are so sophisticated that they are able to work not just in low light but in darkness.
Meanwhile, Qualcomm says that its own facial recognition technology will enable the next generation of Android phones to equal, or even beat, the iPhone 8’s facial recognition technology. Good to know that the iPhone 8 tech is already deemed to be so good that other companies are scrambling to try and beat it.

Sources: Asian report says iPhone 8 face recognition system will work in ‘millionths of a second’

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