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by Maura at Aug 27, 2016
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iPhone 6 Plus phones suffering touch screen glitch.JPG

Last week we reported on the widespread reports of touch-screen issues with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. AppleInsider reports that according to its own research into what it is calling “touch disease,” approximately 11% of an Apple Store’s daily iPhone service work involves this problem. This makes it a bigger repair issue than any other single repair issue that Apple retail employees are currently having to deal with.

AppleInsider says that it examined data from four high-traffic Apple stores over a 6-day period, encompassing 3 days before the first reports of the issue, and 3 days after the news broke.

AppleInsider found that in the 3 days prior, the stores had 2,804 customers coming in requiring help from specialists or geniuses with problems with their iPhones. Of that 2,804, 547 were there for their iPhone 6 and 965 were there for their iPhone 6 Plus.

After the news broke of the “touch disease,” there was an obvious surge in customers wanting help with the problem at those same four stores, according to AppleInsider.

“In our notes, we started calling it by a specific name we made up at our store because we all knew it,” one Apple specialist told AppleInsider. “Management said we had to refer to it as flickering.”

The specialist also told AppleInsider that Apple had taken 6 months to issue official instructions about how to deal with the issue, which was basically that the only way to deal with it was to replace the unit.

“It’s about time that the Apple press got a whiff of the problem,” an Apple Genius told AppleInsider. “I’m getting tired of pulling service stock out of the box, and seeing the exact same problem that the customer has on the replacement before I leave backstage.”

It seems that only the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is affected by the issue, as there are no reports of the iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus having any...
by Maura at Aug 27, 2016
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EE offers 6 free months of Apple Music.JPG

Bloomberg reports that UK mobile carrier EE has announced that it will be offering a free 6-month subscription to Apple Music to its customers in a bid to stop them leaving for other mobile carriers in the highly competitive UK mobile market.

The offer will be available to anyone who is either signing up for a new post-paid contract with EE, or renewing a current contract.

EE has also just released an advert promoting the deal starring Britney Spears and Kevin Bacon (who has previously featured in EE ads in the UK).

Announcing the move, Marc Allera, chief executive officer of EE, said the offer would start on September 1. Allera did not reveal how much EE would be paying Apple for the service.

Allera said that EE’s churn rate of customers leaving EE for other carriers was “improving,” and is currently at 1%. “Offerings like this will help lower churn further,” said Allera.

Sources: U.K. Mobile Carrier EE to Gift Apple Music to New Customers

Britney Spears fronts EE ad offering six months' free Apple Music
by Maura at Aug 27, 2016
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Intel could soon be making A-series chips for Apple.JPG

According to a report in Nikkei Asian Review, via 9to5 Mac, Apple could be using Intel chips in iPhones instead of Samsung or TSMC chips as soon as 2018.

The prediction was made by semiconductor analysts who think that Intel’s newfound interest in producing ARM-based chips as well as chips based on its own architecture means that it is now a serious rival to Samsung and TSMC for Apple’s business.

When the news broke recently about Intel starting to make ARM-based chips it was not expected that Intel would be in a position to start manufacturing Apple’s A-series chips before 2019. However, the analysts that Nikkei has been talking to for its report think that Apple could actually be using Intel-made A-series chips as soon as 2018.

One of the sources said that Apple is already talking with Intel about the possibility and “aims to grab one or two top-tier customers from TSMC.”

Source: iPhone could switch to Intel chips over TSMC and Samsung by 2018, experts say
by Maura at Aug 26, 2016
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Shadowgun Legends looks awesome.JPG

Madfinger Games has unveiled the first Shadowgun Legends gameplay footage from the demo that garnered so much praise at Gamescom 2016, where it made its public debut. Judging by how incredible this footage looks, no wonder the game has already won two Best Mobile Game awards before it’s even out, and no wonder Madfinger is touting the game as bringing AAA gaming to mobile.

Shadowgun Legends is set in a post-apocalyptic universe where players take on the role of Shadowguns in a bid to save mankind from extinction. The shooter is set in persistent online universe that boasts the progression and depth of an AAA console title. Certainly as far as this initial footage is concerned, that would appear to be no idle boast.

Shadowgun Legends is expected to arrive in the App Store in early 2017.

Source: Madfinger Games
by Maura at Aug 26, 2016
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iPhone 7 supply issues expected.JPG

According to reports from Nikkei, via AppleInsider, the iPhone 7 could be in short supply at launch as a result of issues with the production of the dual-lens camera for the iPhone 7 Plus, as well as other issues with the new waterproof speaker.

Elsewhere, Yuanta Investment Consulting analyst Jeff Pu has said that component yield issues have led him to cut his iPhone production forecast to 114 million units from 120 million units for the July-to-December quarter.

Pu said that production of the new waterproof speaker has been hampered by defects. The installation of the new waterproof speaker is said to be the main impetus behind the introduction of the new haptic feedback Home Button, as well the removal of the 3.5-mm headphone jack.

Pu goes on to say that he doesn’t think that Apple will be able to manufacture as many iPhone units in the second half of 2016 as it did iPhone 6s units during the same timeframe in 2015. Pu forecasts 74 million iPhone 7 units manufactured in the second half of 2016, as opposed to 84 million iPhone 6s units built in 2015.

Source: 'iPhone 7' production affected by low yields on waterproof speaker, dual camera - report
by Maura at Aug 26, 2016
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2017 iPhone might not have a Home Button.JPG

9to5 Mac reports that according to a source familiar with Apple’s plans who was quoted in a Bloomberg article about a Japanese-specific iPhone model, the 2017 iPhone will not have a home button. This is something that was already the subject of an earlier article by the Wall Street Journal, and this latest report reiterates those rumours, saying that the 2017 iPhone will have a major redesign that includes removing the Home button in order to focus more on the display. The earlier Wall Street Journal report had said that the 2017 iPhone would have a single piece of glass covering its front.

Other reports this month have said that Apple is developing an all-glass casing for the 2017 iPhone, and it’s looking more and more likely that these are accurate reports.

And if recent rumours are anything to go by, it seems that the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus could actually be the last iPhones to have a physical home button, as the iPhone 7 is expected to have a Force-Touch home button rather than a mechanical Home Button, much like the latest version of the 12-inch MacBook, which, by all accounts, works extremely well.

iPhone concept image: Miroslav Majdak

Source: Apple again said to remove Home button with iPhone coming in 2017
by Maura at Aug 25, 2016
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Survey finds iPhones fail more than Android phones.JPG

BGR reports today on some interesting research from Blancco Technology Group (BTG) regarding device performance. BTG collected performance data from millions of mobile phones in 2016 Q2 using its mobile diagnostic tools. BTG then used the data to find out how often, and why, smartphones fail, and which are the third-party apps that crash more often on Android and iOS phones.

BTG’s figures show that for the period surveyed, 58% of iOS devices failed, compared with 35% of Android devices. When broken down into individual models, for the iOS devices the iPhone 6 had the highest failure rate at 29%, and the iPhone 5s had the lowest failure rate at 8%. As far as individual Android manufacturers were concerned, Samsung had the highest failure rate with 26%, and Asus had the lowest with 7%.

BTG says that the term “failure” includes a variety of first-party and third-party issues, including Wi-Fi connectivity problems, malfunctioning headsets, and phone reboots.

BTG’s figures revealed that 50% of the iPhones in its study crashed, compared with just 23% of Android devices.

As for which apps crashed the most, on iOS it was Snapchat (17%), Instagram (14%), Facebook (9%), Facebook Messenger (5%) and Google (3%). The apps that crashed the most on Android phones were Google Play Services (12%), Google Contacts Sync (5%), Address Book (5%), Photos (5%), and Samsung’s TouchWiz Home launcher (5%).

Source: New study finds iPhones fail far more often than Android phones
by PhilSynowiec at Aug 25, 2016
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Thursday, Apple released iOS 9.3.5 for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad respectively, patching some important security exploits. The new update come only 3 weeks after the release of iOS 9.3.4, which patched up the new Pangu Jailbreak.

iOS 9.3.5 is a major security update having to do with Israeli-based digital arms deal NSO Group. The group was usuing two kernal bugs to exploit the software, allowing for the tracking of emails, calls, location, and passwords.

Via New York Times:
"In interviews and manuals, the NSO Group’s executives have long boasted that their spyware worked like a “ghost,” tracking the moves and keystrokes of its targets, without leaving a trace. But until this month, it was not clear how exactly the group was monitoring its targets, or who exactly it was monitoring.

A clearer picture began to emerge on Aug. 10, when Ahmed Mansoor, a prominent human rights activist in the United Arab Emirates, who has been tracked by surveillance software several times, began receiving suspicious text messages. The messages purported to contain information about the torture of U.A.E. citizens."

This seems like a very important update for those worried about security. We must warn you that if you are Jailbroken or plan on Jailbreaking, the update should be avoided, as there is now Jailbreak for this firmware.
by PhilSynowiec at Aug 25, 2016
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On Monday, we reported that Apple's annual Apple Music Festival will return to London this year. Today, our favorite fruit company released a list of headliners, which will be performing at the event, running from September 18-30.

Here is a list of the confirmed artists performing so far:
  • Alicia Keys
  • Bastille
  • Britney Spears
  • Calvin Harris
  • Chance the Rapper
  • Elton John
  • Michael Bublé
  • OneRepublic
  • Robbie Williams
  • The 1975
Apple Music subscribers will be able to tune in to the performances for free, while residence of the United Kingdom will have a chance to win tickets to the event. More information will be released on Beats 1 radio for those who are listening.
by Maura at Aug 25, 2016
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Apple working on snapchat style app.JPG

According to Bloomberg Technology, Apple is currently working on its own version of a video sharing and editing app.

Bloomberg’s source says that Apple is once again intending to focus on how to integrate social network apps with iPhone and iPad in a bid to emulate the success of such companies as Facebook and Snapchat.

Apple has not previously had a lot of success in this area, with 2010’s Ping failing to take off, but it wants to give it another try in order to keep relevant with younger people, according to Bloomberg.

The new video-sharing app that Apple is working on will be along similar lines to Snapchat, with users able to record and post video footage, complete with filters and drawings. This content could then be sent to the user’s contacts, or shared via other social networks such as Twitter.

The software that Apple is currently working on to this end is designed to be used mainly with one hand; the videos can be filmed, edited, and uploaded in under 1 minute. Bloomberg’s sources say that at least one of the prototypes can film video footage in a square shape, just like with Instagram.

With this new software Apple is hoping to appeal to the Snapchat and Instagram generation. The software will be packaged as a standalone app that might be downloadable via the App Store, or, alternatively, could be included in the iPhone camera app.

The sources also said that the video-sharing app, which is currently only in the early stages of development, is being developed in the same Apple department where Final Cut Pro and iMovie were developed. It’s expected that the app will be launched in 2017, but Apple could just as easily shutter the entire project if it doesn’t make the grade.

Source: Apple Weighs iPhone Video Editing App in Renewed Push on Social

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