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by PhilSynowiec at Oct 20, 2014
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Apple is beginning to get into the health and fitness market with the HealthBook features in iOS 8 and that upcoming Apple Watch. So it was a bit of a surprise when our favorite fruit company decided to announce McDonald's first, as a location that would support Apple Pay, at the September keynote.

All jokes aside, YouTube user John Ross decided to visit a McDonald's location after updating to iOS 8.1 and setting up Apple Pay. It seems the service is as easy to use as Apple said it would be. After setting up Apple Pay, Ross pops open Passbook, orders his food, then waves his iPhone 6 Plus over the point-of-sale system while having his thumb on Touch ID. The POS system then reads his payment through the iPhone 6 NFC chip and the payment is processed then complete. Easy peasy.

Apple Pay is currently only supported by the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 2, and iPad Mini 3 running iOS 8.1. However, the new iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 are limited to online Touch ID purchases and not in-store, as they do not have an NFC chip. But come on, there would be nothing more awkward than waving a 9.7-inch tablet over a point-of-sale system at a McDonald's.
by PhilSynowiec at Oct 20, 2014
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On Monday, Apple released the iOS 8.1 update to the public, which finally brought Apple Pay into the hands of users across the United States. Apple Pay allows user to make purchases in-store using Touch ID and NFC, which is built-in to the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, or limited to online Touch ID purchases with the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3.

It is no surprise that Apple would be the first to update its Apple Store application to support Apple Pay payments. Folks running iOS 8.1 on supported devices can now launch the app, choose what to purchase, then simply hit the "Buy with Apple Pay" button, and use Touch ID to scan their fingerprint for confirmation.

The Apple Store app is not alone in the Apple Pay world, physical Apple Stores are also beginning to use Apple Pay as a payment method as well. The Apple Store app would be a good place to start if you are new and just beginning to get used to the new system, but if you're not looking to make an Apple purchase today, plenty of gas stations and drug stores support NFC transactions with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.
by dgstorm at Oct 20, 2014
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Here's a story that might tug at your heart-strings a bit. It seems that Apple's Siri is helping some folks out in ways you wouldn't have imagined. While most of us use Siri to find the nearest restaurant, or give us updated flight information, or any other mundane, yet important tidbit of intel, one young autistic boy named Gus, counts Siri as his best friend and virtual "sidekick."

A New York Times author named Judith Newman recently wrote about her experiences watching her 13 year old autistic son converse for hours with Siri. She points out several different ways that Siri has added value to the young boy's life. One is that Siri will always be able to patiently converse with him regardless of how long he converses on the same subject. Sometimes Siri may not be able to give Gus a precise answer, but he even enjoys her responses when she can't answer all of his flood of questions.

The second way that Siri helps out Gus in an unconventional way is that Siri actually requires him to enunciate properly to be able to answer the question correctly. This serves as a pseudo-speech therapist, and Newman has noticed that after her son has spent time with Siri, she has longer and better conversations with her him than ever before.

That ties into the third unusual thing that Siri improves for Newman's son. Because Siri tries to tackle conversations in a polite manner and encourages that same type of politeness, it indirectly has helped Gus develop his social skills as well. This is another reason he is interacting with his mom and others better than before.

Here's an example given of just one of these interesting conversations that Newman's son had with Siri,

by dgstorm at Oct 20, 2014
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In a previous post, I was sharing with you how you can set up Apple Pay on your iPad, a big feature that has been made available with the latest iOS 8.1 software upgrade.

And now we're having a quick look at some other new features that are making their way in the latest update.

Apple iOS 8.1 includes bug fixes, functionality for several Continuity features, the iCloud Photo Library, Apple Pay and the return of the Camera Roll, along with other minor improvements.

With the new Continuity feature, users can easily switch between their iPhone, iPad and Mac or use them together. Handoff, Phone Calling, Instant Hotspot and SMS from any device are the main features that Continuity brings. With 'SMS from any device' feature, you will be able to send and receive SMS/MMS text messages from your iPad or Mac.

Also, in the chat bubbles, Apple differentiates iMessages with blue backgrounds and standard SMS messages with green backgrounds. Instant Hotspot will allow your iPad or Mac to connect to the personal hotspot on your iPhone if it is in your proximity.

With the new iCloud Photo Library, users will be able to save pictures and videos to their iCloud account. iCloud Photo Library will be accessible through any iOS device or through the iCloud website.

Apple iOS 8.1 will include bug fixes and the return of the Camera Roll, as well.

As originally posted by Radu over on iPadforums.net: iOS 8.1 Launches Today Here are the new Features it Brings Apple iPad Forum

Source: Apple
by RaduTyrsina at Oct 20, 2014
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Dropbox users who are looking to buy a new iPhone have some great news to hear. The iOS client has been updated to version 3.5, bringing support for the higher resolution displays of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus along with other improvements.

Dropbox has issued a fix for previewing RTF files on iOS 8 and other general stability and performance improvements. Also, owners of iPhone 5s or later, running iOS 8 or later, now have the option to unlock their Dropbox accounts using Touch ID fingerprints.

So, go ahead and follow the link from below to download the updated app. The current version has received a good rating, so you're safe to get it on your iOS device.

Source: iTunes
by Maura at Oct 20, 2014
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With Apple due to report the results of its September quarter later today, AppleInsider reports that Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster has written to investors to summarize Wall Street’s expectations for the figures. In his letter to investors, Munster said that he doesn’t expect Apple to post revenue much above $40 billion, giving the reason that Apple would have revised its guidance of between $37 billion and $40 billion if there had been any significant increase above that, which it has not done.

AppleInsider says that Apple did indeed take that step last year, so there is precedence for such a move.

As far as iPhone sales are concerned, Wall Street seems to think that Apple is set to report shipments of somewhere between 37 million and 38 million units for the quarter. This would signify 10% year over year growth, a little down from the 13% growth of the June quarter this year.

Wall Street expects iPad shipments to be around 12 million units, which would be a drop of 15% year over year.

Source: AppleInsider
by Maura at Oct 19, 2014
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On Friday Apple released the beta for iCloud Photo and also made iCloud Photo access available for all developers that are running the iOS 8.1maintenance update, writes AppleInsider.

Before the launch of the beta, only a few randomly sampled testers were able to use the service.

iCloud Photos, or iCloud Photo Library, to give it its correct iOS term, will enable users to automatically upload pictures and videos from their Camera Roll to the cloud to be stored and synced across devices.

Basically, this means that when you take a picture it will be pushed to the cloud, and you will then be able to view that picture from any other device signed into the iCloud account; also anyone who has been given access to your pictures via iCloud Photo Sharing will be able to view the picture.

And for those who are thinking, “isn’t this just Photo Stream?” as AppleInsider notes, while similar, it has the added benefit of support for full-resolution content, as well as syncing of any edits that are made to the originally uploaded picture, which can then be viewed via iCloud.com either by date in Moments, or in a stream via Albums.

One similarity between the two services, however, is that in iCloud Photo Library, as with Photo Stream, pictures can be downloaded from the iCloud Photo Library folder to store locally on other iOS devices.

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