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by Maura at Mar 20, 2018
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Android companies are still 2 years behind Apple in terms of Face ID tech.JPG

According to a report on Reuters today, most Android phones will not have 3D-sensing features on a par with Apple’s Face ID tech until 2019. The news comes via three major parts producers, Viavi Solutions, Finisar Corp and Ams AG. This means that Samsung and other Android Apple rivals continue to lag behind in a technology that will make Apple billions in revenue over the next couple of years, and would have made them the same, if only they had it ready.

This is the first time in a while that Apple’s rivals have been so far behind in terms of technology. When the fingerprint sensor was first unveiled on the iPhone 5s in September 2013, Samsung was able to come out with something very similar for the Galaxy S5 in the following April.

Research house Gartner said...
by Maura at Mar 20, 2018
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Fornite mobile made more than 1 million dollars in in app purchases in 3 days.JPG

According to new figures from Sensor Tower, via 9to5 Mac, Epic Games’ battle royale smash hit console and PC game Fortnite, which was released on iOS last week, has made more than $1.5 million in in-app purchases to date.

Sensor Tower says that according to its own intelligence data, $1 million of that total was earned within the first 72 hours.

This means that Fortnite is currently the most successful mobile survival game to date by a huge margin, with Knives Out making $57,000 in its first 4 days, and Rules of Survival making $39,000. However, with PUBG Mobile being released yesterday, the forerunner to Fortnite, those figures could be overtaken very soon.

At the present time, Fortnite is still invite-only, so the figures would surely be even bigger if Fortnite...
by Maura at Mar 19, 2018
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PUBG Mobile out now.JPG

GameSpot reports that the ridiculously popular desktop and console battle royale game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (or PUBG, for short), has finally arrived in App Stores around the world. This follows on from the release of two mobile versions of the game in China in February by Tencent Games.

Said to be a “faithful” adaption of the original PC game, PUBG Mobile has the same last-man-standing gameplay that caused it to become the third best-selling Steam game ever.

The gameplay is simple enough: 100 players in a survival of the fittest as the world map shrinks bit by bit. Whoever outlives all the other players is the winner.

PUBG Mobile was created by Bluehole along with Tencent. “We are working hard to create an authentic PUBG mobile experience that players...
by Maura at Mar 19, 2018
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Blush Gold iPhone Could finally get released.JPG

According to well-sourced Apple leaker Benjamin Geskin, via MacRumors, Apple is still planning to release a Blush Gold iPhone. In fact, Geskin actually tweeted out a picture of a Blush Gold iPhone X and a SIM card tray in the same colour, stating that it is already “in production,” with the codename D21A. He later doubled down on his tweet by saying that “the color is real” and that Apple had “saved it for later,” although he did caution anyone getting excited at the prospect of a Blush Gold addition to the iPhone line-up that “stuff can be cancelled.”

Talk of a Blush Gold iPhone X first appeared prior to the launch of the iPhone X last year. After the initial images of the new colour option surfaced, in September 2017 KGI Securities’ Ming-Chi Kuo said that there...
by Maura at Mar 19, 2018
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Apple said to be working on developing its own displays.JPG

According to an exclusive report on Bloomberg Technology today, Apple has begun designing and producing its own device displays at a secret manufacturing plant near its California headquarters. Bloomberg’s source said that Apple initially intends to make a small test batch of displays.

According to the source, Apple is investing significant amounts in developing next-gen MicroLED screens, which have a different light-emitting compound to that of OLED displays, and which could result in even brighter, slimmer, and more power-saving displays.

MicroLED screens are apparently much more challenging to produce than OLED displays, so much so that Apple almost canned the entire MicroLED project a couple of years back. However, as is often the case with Apple, the...
by Maura at Mar 16, 2018
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Yesterday's mysterious iPhone SE 2 might have been genuine after all.JPG

Yesterday we posted a story from MacRumors about a video that had appeared on Japanese Apple blog Macotakara that claimed to show the forthcoming iPhone SE 2. MacRumors was pretty sceptical about the authenticity of the video, and most of the other reports about the same story on other news sites were equally sceptical.

However, according to new details provided by BGR today, it’s possible that the video is genuine and really does show the forthcoming iPhone SE 2. BGR’s Zach Epstein says that last week he was sent some iPhone SE 2 sketches by a source that he has used before and that has previously been reliable. Epstein says that when he received the images he started...
by Maura at Mar 16, 2018
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My Tamagotchi Forever out today.JPG

Paladin Studios’ My Tamagotchi Forever has arrived in the App Store today, 20 years after the original hand-held game became a massive worldwide craze for a brief moment in time. Developed by Bandai Namco and Paladin Studios, gameplay is very similar to the original, whereby all you have to do is hatch your little egg and then look after it. If you manage to rear it to adulthood, avoiding any unfortunate mishaps, then you’ll get to see your pet fulfil its dreams, such as becoming an astronaut or science teacher.

Old friends that you can expect to meet in Tamatown include Mametchi, Kuchipatch and many more.

Your little Tamagotchi is quite a demanding critter, as, just as with the original game, you have to bathe, feed, and play with it, as well as making sure it...
by Maura at Mar 15, 2018
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New video claims to show iPhone SE 2.JPG

MacRumors reports today on a new video that was posted on Japanese website Macotakara that purports to show an iPhone SE 2. MacRumors is pretty sceptical about the video, believing it most likely to be an Android clone fake, especially as the video emanated from China, where such fakes abound. However, some of the commentators under the post are convinced that it might actually be genuine, so it's worth taking a closer look.

The phone featured in the video has a notch at the top of the screen, an edge-to-edge display, and a vertical rear camera, all crammed into an iPhone SE style body. It has long been rumoured that Apple is working on a new iPhone SE model, but none of the rumours mentioned that it would look so much like a small iPhone X.

The usually very...
by Maura at Mar 15, 2018
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Android security head claims it's now safer than iOS.JPG

The head of Security at Android, David Kleidermacher, has proclaimed in his introduction to the 2017 Year in Review of Android Security that Google’s Android platform is now just as secure as iOS, and possibly even more secure.

9to5 Mac writes that Kleidermacher stated to CNET that “Android security made a significant leap forward in 2017 and many of our protections now lead the industry.” He then went on to double down on that claim by saying that Android is now as safe as its competition. And while he didn’t specifically mention Apple by name, it’s clearly Android’s main competition.

Kleidermacher also acknowledged the biggest Android security issue, which is that once a major vulnerability or flaw in the operating system is discovered, Google has to send...
by Maura at Mar 14, 2018
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wireless charging could harm your iPhone's battery.JPG

According to a new report from ZDNet, via BGR, wirelessly charging your iPhone could be harming it. Currently, iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus models can all be wirelessly charged, the first iPhones to have the feature, but ZDNet Adrian Kingsley-Hughes is telling users that their phones’ batteries are harmed by wireless charging.

Kingsley-Hughes said that he started wondering at the beginning of this year about the effects of wireless charging on battery life. Apple says that iPhone batteries should “retain up to 80 percent of its original capacity at 500 complete charge cycles,” and with this in mind, Kingsley-Hughes estimates that it should take him approximately three years to reach 500 complete charge cycles.

However, Kingsley-Hughes has found that...
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