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by Maura at Oct 24, 2016
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mobile iPhone cancer detection lab devised.JPG

9to5 Mac reports today on a new iPhone-connected portable laboratory that can detect cancer with 99% accuracy.

Developed by a Washington State University team led by Assistant Professor Lei Li, the portable laboratory is said to be able to detect cancer almost instantly, and can analyse up to eight different samples at a time, helping go greatly improve its accuracy.

Li says that the lab can detect human interleukin-6, which is a biomarker for lung, prostate, liver, breast, and epithelial cancers. The professor adds that because the lab is so portable, it can be used all around the world, and in particular in remote areas without such facilities.

So far Li has only used an iPhone 5 with the portable lab, but he and his team are currently working on adjustable version of the device that can be used in conjunction with any smartphone.

You can read much more about the team’s research here: A multichannel smartphone optical biosensor for high-throughput point-of-care diagnostics

Source: Research team develops portable iPhone-powered lab that can detect cancer with 99% accuracy
by Maura at Oct 24, 2016
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Niantic announces special Pokemon Go Halloween event.JPG

Niantic has just announced a worldwide Halloween-themed Pokémon Go event. Only fair, as this is a game in which Candy plays a huge part, after all! Running from October 26 to November 1, Pokémon Go trainers will be able to earn double the amount of Candy whenever they catch, hatch, and transfer Pokémon. Also, if you haven’t already assigned your very own Buddy Pokémon, now would be a great time to do so, as you will receive four times the amount of Candy from your Buddy than usual.

Oh, and as far as your favourite scary Pokémon are concerned, expect to see the likes of Drowzee, Gastly, Gengar, Golbat, Haunter, Hypno, and Zubat much more than usual during the special Halloween event.
This is exactly the sort of Pokémon Go event we want from Niantic to keep the game going strong as it continues to dominate the Highest Grossing app charts.

Source: Niantic Labs - Pokémon GO
by Maura at Oct 24, 2016
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iPhone 7.JPG

AppleInsider reports that according to data from the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), via Investor’s Business Daily, Apple’s iPhone 7 was responsible for 43% of all Q3 iPhone sales. The standard-size iPhone 7 made up 31% of these sales, and the iPhone 7 Plus made up 12%. The iPhone SE was next in line, with a 9% share. The CIRP did not provide figures for iPhone 6s sales, but it did note that 17% of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus buyers were upgrading from a 6s model, and 36% were upgrading from either an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. Only 9% were making the switch over to iPhone from Android.

The CIRP puts the dominance of the iPhone 7 in this particular quarter down to the “positive reception” for the iPhone 7, as well as the slowing down of sales of other iPhone models prior to the iPhone 7’s September 16 launch.

Source: iPhone 7 made up 43% of Apple's US iPhone sales in Q3, data says
by PhilSynowiec at Oct 19, 2016
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Apple is officially holding its next event on Thursday, October 27 at its Cupertino campus. The event invites hand-picked members of media, asking to "join us for a special event".

Unlike last month's iPhone, Apple Watch and iOS-focused event, the event with the tagline "hello again" will focus on Mac hardware. Whether the event will brings to light any new iOS features or hardware, like new iPad models, is something we're still unsure about.
It's been a rumor for some time that Apple is planning to add an OLED bar to its redesigned MacBook Pro models. The illuminated bar would replace most of options found on macOS's status bar.

Best of all, our favorite fruit company will be live-streaming its keynote at 10AM on October 27.
by PhilSynowiec at Oct 19, 2016
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On Wednesday, Apple seeded iOS 10.1 beta 5, exclusively to developers. The latest beta firmware likely addresses the cellular connectivity bug on iPhone, found earlier this week.

iOS 10.1 includes Portrait mode on the iPhone 7 Plus, which works pretty well...until it doesn't. Users have reported that the phone is unable to manage the bokeh effect in some situations. Having personally tested the feature, I have yet to have a problem with it.

The new beta firmware also includes a new option within the Settings app that allows users to turn on Reduce Motion without disabling animations in Messages.

Other than that, on the outside iOS 10.1 contains the same ingredients as previous betas. We expect this to be more of an internal update for various bug fixes and improvements users have reported and requested.
by Maura at Oct 19, 2016
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full-device skins are harming jet black iPhones.JPG

MacRumors has some words of warning for anyone using full-device skins with their Jet Black iPhone 7, as according to some reports from MacRumors forum members, the skins are transferring some of the text and graphics from the back of those particular phones.

MacRumors forum member “ksyu” posted that when he peeled a full-device skin from his iPhone 7 Plus, he saw that the lettering and regulatory labels had all been removed by the plastic. Another forum member, Keith, said that the same thing happened when he removed Slickwraps from his iPhone 7 Plus, describing it as “just like pulling silly putty off of a newspaper comic strip.”

Apparently the text and decals are not completely removed when peeling off the full-device skin, but it does become more faded than usual, which is not at all what you want to happen when using something that you purchased in order to protect your iPhone.

It appears that this is the only iPhone model where such problems have been reported (albeit currently only in very small numbers).

Source: Full-Device Skins Causing 'iPhone' and Regulatory Labels to Peel Off Back of Jet Black iPhones
by Maura at Oct 19, 2016
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Apple Pay set to launch in Japan on October 25.JPG

AppleInsider reports that sources in Japan are saying that Apple Pay could be coming to that country on October 25, as part of the release of iOS 10. Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that maintenance downtimes for Japanese mobile carrier Docomo’s iD payment system and JR East’s Suica transit card are both also on October 25. Coincidence? Most likely not, as both services will be adopting Apple Pay when it launches.

All iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and Apple Watch Series 2 models available in Japan support the FeliCa Type-F NFC technology.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in all things Apple Pay, AppleInsider also reports that 24 more banks and credit unions in the US now offer support for Apple Pay, and British Airways also now offers some Apple Pay features in its iOS app for those who want to use the Apple payment system to book and pay for flights with the airline. It’s only available to customers that are based in the UK, however, and you must pay with either Visa or MasterCard, although British Airways says that more card types will be added in future.

Sources: Apple Pay to reportedly go live in Japan on Oct. 25, hints at iOS 10.1 release, Apple Pay picks up 24 more US banks & credit unions plus British Airways bookings
by PhilSynowiec at Oct 18, 2016
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Back in December 2014, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said offline viewing for the service was "never going to happen". Since then, services like Amazon and Comcast have launched offline viewing capabilities, and now it seems Netflix might have a change of heart.

A few days ago, Streaming Observer learned that Netflix will be adding offline mode by the end of this year:

"Netflix users would download a specific video to their device while connected to Wi-Fi or data, and then pull up the videos later with no connection needed. It’s not clear if the downloaded content would be able to be transferred anywhere else."

On Tuesday, COO of Taitz has confirmed that Netflix will in fact bring the feature by 2016's end. However, it is unclear how the feature will work and what content it will support. If other business models are anything to go by, offline mode would only be available for Netflix original series content.
by PhilSynowiec at Oct 18, 2016
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Snapchat has become one of the must have apps for mobile users, when it comes to checking out what your friends or family are up to. Snapchat Stories have become such a huge hit, Instagram saw the value, and launched its own version of the feature back in August.

It looks like Instagram's parent company Facebook is not finished basking in Snapchat's success. The social network giant just soft-launched a feature called Messenger Day in Poland and Australia.

Messenger Day uses Facebook's Messenger app and works pretty much how you'd expect a Snapchat clone to work. Users can upload photos or videos and add stickers or doodle on them. The media will expire in 24 hours, which should give plenty of time for friends and family to see what you've been doing.

Other than the two countries listed above, Facebook has enrolled a small amount of other users to test out the feature. Let us know if the feature has appeared in your Messenger app.

Source: Mashable
by Maura at Oct 18, 2016
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Minecraft story mode first episode is free iPhone.JPG

Touch Arcade has great news if you’re someone that has been wanting to play Telltale’s Minecraft: Story Mode but didn’t want to pay the $6.99 per episode asking price, as Telltale has just made the first installment, “The Order of the Stone,” available as a free download from the App Store.

There’s no indication from Telltale as to whether the episode will be permanently available as a free download, but it’s fair to say that with the series having been launched a little over one year ago today, this is the sort of time period when Telltale usually does start giving away free episodes for its series.

Of course there’s method in Telltale’s madness, as they’re hoping that you’ll be hooked once you get to play the free instalment, and then you won’t be able to resist downloading the complete eight-episode game pack complete with Adventure Pass for $24.99. The Season Pass on its own, complete with the first five episodes, costs $14.99, and the Adventure Pass costs $11.99 to buy on its own.

Click here to download for free: Minecraft: Story Mode on the App Store

Source: Telltale's 'Minecraft: Story Mode' First Episode Now Free

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