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by RaduTyrsina at May 27, 2015
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ios 9 transit map.jpg

It has been rumored for a long while that Apple is working on adding mass transit routing information to its Maps application, and now we have a fresh report coming from 9to5Mac which suggests that this is going to happen with the release of iOS 9. However, as Mark Gurman puts it, the initial rollout will include only several locations. He adds the following:

"While Apple plans to debut its own mass transit directions service for Maps in iOS 9 as soon as June, the rollout will not be as ambitious as some users may have hoped. In its first iteration, Apple’s Transit service will only support approximately a half-dozen cities across the United States, Canada, and Europe, in addition to China, according to sources."

It seems that San Francisco and New York are going to be two of the locations in the United States where transit directions will be available. The city of Toronto in Canada and London, Paris, and Berlin in Europe will likely gain transit routing options in the Maps app, as well. Several cities in China will also be included in the initial launch, but we don't know which are these at the moment.

Other cities where the company is hoping to add support for in the near future include Boston, Massachusetts and Tokyo, Japan, among others. The company has recently acquired many mapping-related companies, such as transit apps HopStop and Embark, and also has renewed its partnership with TomTom.

Source: 9to5Mac
by RaduTyrsina at May 27, 2015
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next iphone thinner.png

According to a fresh report coming from DigiTimes, it seems that Apple’s next-gen iPhone could get thinner and lighter thanks to new LED backlighting chips. Siu Han and Adam Hwang with the publication say the following:

"Apple, in order for its next-generation iPhones to become slimmer and lighter, will reportedly adopt 0.4t (dimensions of 3.0 x 0.85 x 0.4mm) LED chips for backlight units (BLUs), smaller than the 0.6t (3.0 x 0.85 x 0.6mm) adopted for the existing iPhone 6 and 6 Plus."

The authors further added:

"Considering patent issues and stable production, Apple will still have Japan-based Nichia and Toyoda Gose supply the 0.4t LED chips for the BLUs, according to TrendForce. As such LED chips are smaller with brightness 10% lower than 0.6t ones, the BLU may need to use 2-3 more chips to reach the same total brightness."

The publication points out that production of the new 4.7-inch and new 5.5-inch iPhones will begin in next month. An estimated 24 million units will be initially shipped in the third quarter, which could once again represent a record quarter for the company.

Source: DigiTimes
by Maura at May 27, 2015
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iOS 9 force touch.JPG

9to5 Mac has a round-up of some of the major new enhancements that are expected in iOS 9, including split-screen apps for iPad, a new Home app for HomeKit accessories, a new system-wide UI font, mass transit directions for Maps, as well as big quality, performance and security updates.

9to5 Mac’s sources also confirm that the forthcoming iPhone 6s will look very much like the current iPhone 6, but with the addition of a Force Touch display with haptic feedback as one of its main new selling points.

To support this new iPhone feature, iOS 9 has been designed to be Force-Touch-ready, with developers being able to integrate Force Touch into their apps. The Force Touch feature will also enable Apple to free up some control space in the forthcoming iPhone, and may well take the place of some current long-press-and-hold interactions.

Force Touch on the iPhone will also have similar functionality to the new Retina MacBook Force Touch Trackpads, and will be built into Maps for the dropping of new pins, into media players to enable pressure-sensitive scrolling, and into the Calendar to add new events, and the system to look up word definitions.

Aside from all the Force Touch enhancements, iOS9 will also have an enhanced keyboard, with several prototyped designs, including a slightly longer keyboard than the current one.

Yet more changes in iOS 9 include support for Apple Pay in Canada, and some minor enhancements to iMessage.

Source: iOS 9 supports iPhone 6S Force Touch may enhance iMessage Keyboard Apple Pay 9to5Mac
by Maura at May 27, 2015
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Messages bug crashes iPhones.JPG
According to a report on MacRumors today, a new bug has appeared on iOS on iPhone that is causing the Messages app, and in turn the phone, to crash. It seems that all it takes to crash the app and the iPhone is a specific string of characters sent via iMessage or SMS.

The bug first came to the attention of a Redditor yesterday, and since then has made its way around the internet.

When the specific set of symbols and Arabic writing is sent to an iPhone, the phone crashes immediately and then reboots. After the reboot, if the Messages app was opened in list view before the crash, the Messages app will then crash automatically again when you attempt to open it. However, if the app was open at the point of the conversation where you got the message, you can open the app, but when you try and access a different conversation, Messages will crash again. Sounds like it’s a pretty annoying bug!

Fixes for the bug include sending a reply message to the person who sent the infected message, which apparently then clears the bug. If Messages was open in list view, either have someone send you a message, or send one to yourself via Siri (tell her you want to send a message to yourself) or the Share sheet in one of the other apps on your iPhone.

Aside from these simple fixes, MacRumors says that Apple knows about the issue and its engineers are working on an official fix, which will be released via a software update.

Source: New iOS Bug Crashing iPhones Simply by Receiving a Text Message Includes Fix - Mac Rumors
by RaduTyrsina at May 27, 2015
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minecraft ios.png

Microsoft-owned Mojang has announced a pretty big update to its popular Minecraft Pocket Edition app for iPhone and iPad devices. If you already have the app, then you just need to get the latest version, but if you're looking to get it, now might be the time to download the game as it comes with many new features. Minecraft said the following on their official blog:

"Skins are the way you change the appearance of your Minecraft character. Instead of looking like Alex or Steve, you can roll with a different vibe, like a butcher, dog, or plumber. Skins are purely cosmetic – they don’t affect the way the game plays or give you any special abilities."

Speaking of the most recent version, Mojang says they have improved the graphics, increased performance, and killed off heaps of bugs in one massive update. Here's the full changelog of the game:
  • Loads of bug fixes
  • More watery-looking water
  • Foggier-looking fog
  • Even more particles than before
  • Tinted lighting on terrain and mobs
  • Improved performance on many devices
  • More fences! More fence gates! Everyone loves fences
  • Gold mines in Mesa biomes. Get rich quick
  • Baby animals can now swim without sinking
  • Play Creative Mode during both the day and night
  • Lots more cool stuff that you can discover for yourself
The paid skins are available to purchase in bundles, but users can also upload or create their own or choose to find free skins within the game. For one dollar, you’ll get around 20 skins, if you prefer the easier way. Go ahead and follow the link from below to download the updated version of the game.

Source: iTunes
by RaduTyrsina at May 27, 2015
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apple watch gold cheap.jpg

The Apple Watch Edition is the most expensive model of Apple's first wearable and it can even go up to $17,000. If you don't have that amount of money, but you'd still love to have a gold-plated Apple Watch, then this new KickStarter campaign could provide a more affordable way to do it.

Midas Touch is a Kickstarter project which consists in a $100 kit that you can use to gold plate the Watch yourself with 24K gold. Eric Knoll, the man behind the project, says the following:

"Turn the steel version of the Apple Watch into the gold version. How? Order the Midas Touch gold plating kit and do it yourself. Includes the real gold. Roll like a mega rich baller with your gold plated watch. They will not know it's not the $10,000 version, unless they remove your watch from your wrist and look at the serial number on the back."

The kit is only for the stainless steel Apple Watch models so far, but a solution for the aluminum Sport models is in the works, as well. You can pledge to the crowd funding campaign by following the link at the end, if this is something you'd be interested in.

Source: KickStarter
by RaduTyrsina at May 26, 2015
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halo back iphone.jpg

iPhone users know that it can become quite annoying sometimes to go back to the previous screen, especially when you're holding in hand the iPhone 6 Plus. However, a new Kickstarter project could solve that problem by adding a back button to your iPhone.

Halo Back is a glass-made screen protector which is said to be the world's first smart screen protector. It adds a circuit layer to its traditional counterpart, thus allowing it to send a signal when one presses the lower left corner of the screen. Thus, users can go back to the previous page, and be able to operate the phone easily with a single hand.

The company says that its screen protector is durable as it can withstand scratches made even from knives. Halo Back has already been successfully funded on crowdsourcing platform Kickstarter. Originally available for just $12, you can still get it for $17 when it ships around August.

Source: KickStarter
by RaduTyrsina at May 26, 2015
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apple iphone 6 camera.jpg

According to multiple websites, it appears that the rear camera on the next generation of Apple's iPhone will be a 12MP shooter, which will be a big increase from the 8MP camera that is currently present in the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus.

Apple will allegedly use a sensor built by Sony for the new shooter and will also deploy Sony's RGBW technology to help with low-light photography. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus both make use of 8-megapixel sensors with larger-than-average pixels designed to improve light sensitivity but the new RGBW technology just needs an extra white subpixel to achieve a similar effect.

The addition of a white sub-pixel allows for improved camera performance when lighting is not optimal. Furthermore, rumor has it that the autofocus speed will be faster, as well, probably with the use of phase detection.

The new device is expected to be called the iPhone 6s, and among new features it has been rumored that it will come with support for Force Touch, the pressure-sensitive control system introduced with the Apple Watch.

Source: GforGames
by dgstorm at May 26, 2015
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This morning, Microsoft officially announced Cortana will be coming to Android and iOS. It's a brilliant move by Microsoft in a string of brilliant moves since the leadership changeover occurred. The personal digital assistant will obviously be in direct competition to both Siri and Google Now. The main difference will now be that you can get Cortana as an app for any mobile device.

Microsoft didn't share a specific time-frame for release, but left it with a vague "later this year." Cortana offer several of the same features you can find on Google Now or Siri, including contextually-aware reminders, routing and mapping, weather and traffic, sports scores, and more. When she launches, not all of Cortana's Windows 10 features will be immediately available for Android and iOS. This includes features toggling settings, opening apps or using the "Hey Cortana" hands-free options.

Windows 10 itself will include a free "Phone Companion" app which will do various things, including syncing up your devices with your PC and helping you install Cortana on other devices. You can check out more regarding the Windows 10 companion app in the video above.

For more info, here's Microsoft's full presser: Your Windows 10 PC will love all the devices you own
by RaduTyrsina at May 25, 2015
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usb c lighting.jpg

USB-C is the latest form of USB connection technology which provides power supply, data transfer and video display through one single connection. Popular accessory maker Anker has unveiled its lineup of USB-C cables and adapters including USB-C to USB 2.0, 3.0, and USB-C solutions.

Perhaps the most interesting new product is Anker’s USB-C to Lightning cable for 12-inch MacBook users which allows users to connect iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch devices with Lightning ports directly to Apple’s USB Type C-only notebook for charging and syncing. This is indeed a really useful function and will prove to be helpful to many customers.

There isn't yet a USB-C to Lightning cable from Apple, so Anker’s upcoming PowerLine USB-C to Lightning cable could be the perfect solution for now. The PowerLine USB-C to USB 2.0 cable is priced at $15.99 and available for pre-order but the rest of the lineup is described as ‘coming soon’ without additional details.

Source: Anker
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