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by RaduTyrsina at Apr 25, 2015
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apple online setup apple watch.png

Apple has started informing Apple Watch pre-order customers whose products have already arrived that they can get help setting it up in “the comfort of their own home.” Apple is offering a new online “Personal Setup” service which is a video session where Apple Watch owners can get instructions on setting up their device. Here's how the email Apple sent out sounds like:

"Dear customer,

Your Apple product will be arriving soon. Once you have it, we can help you get started right in the comfort of your own home with online Personal Setup. It’s a video session where we show you how to set up your Apple product, walk you through some key features, and answer your questions.

You’ll need your Apple product*, a high-speed Internet connection, and computer or iPad to view live video.
Of course, you can always visit an Apple Store and request a Personal Setup session with a Specialist. Thank you for choosing Apple."

You should know that personal setup is available in-store, as well, you will still have to make a store appointment prior to that. Recently, some customers have began receiving shipment notifications that their Watch would be arriving earlier, and this seems to prove that Apple has solved some of its problems with the supply chain.

Source: Apple
by RaduTyrsina at Apr 25, 2015
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amazon apple watch.png

Amazon has updated its iOS app which now adds support for the Apple Watch. Thus, Apple Watch owners will be able to search, buy or save products to their wish list right from their wrist. Here's how the official changelog of version 4.7.0 sounds like:

"Now includes Apple Watch support. Customers in the US, UK, Japan, China, Germany, India, Spain Italy, France, and Canada with an Apple Watch can use their voice to search, buy and save a shopping idea to their Wish List. Safari Browser Share – Use Apple’s share feature to add products you find on other websites to your Amazon Wish List."

Amazon has launched the app on the very same day when Apple Watch orders begin arriving, which is a great moment to choose. The newly updated Amazon app for iOS also brings with it a new Safari extension which lets you save products from other websites and add them to your Amazon wish list.

So, if Amazon is among your preferred online places to buy products and you're also waiting for your Apple Watch to arrive, then go ahead and follow the link from below to download the updated app.

Source: iTunes
by Maura at Apr 24, 2015
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New foldable charger in UK.JPG
AppleInsider reports that today’s launch of the Apple Watch has also seen the launch of a new power adapter for the UK, which has been bundled with the watch, and which will, presumably, be bundled with other Apple devices from now on.

The previous adapter was typically chunky, like all UK plugs, but the new adaptor is actually ingeniously foldable, with pins that fold into the body of the plug, which has generally a more rounded appearance.

The folding operation is designed to be as smooth as possible for ease of use, with all three pins either folding or unfolding together when just one is pressed.

News of the new plug was actually leaked last Friday by a famous ex-rugby player in the UK, Will Carling, when he posted photos of the folding charger on Twitter, saying that it had been given to him by Jony Ive, who is a rugby fan.

The folding charger is available to order separately in the UK, Ireland, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia, for any Apple devices. At £25, it actually costs £10 more than the non-folding charger, which cost just £15.

Source: Apple Watch release brings debut of all-new folding UK power adapter
by dgstorm at Apr 24, 2015
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The folks at FoneFox decided to put the Apple Watch's IPX7 water resistance to the test. When Tim Cook first announce the device, they indicated it would be resistant to splashes and moisture, but based upon the above video, it's actually better than that.

The videographers started out pushing the envelope by taking the 38mm Apple Watch Sport in the shower with them. The watch passed with flying colors, so they took it to the next level and submerged in in a bucket of water for 5 minutes. Even that wasn't enough to satisfy them, so they actually took the watch for a 15 minute swim in the pool, and it still worked fine afterward!

It's just proof positive that Apple does their best to under-promise, but over-deliver!

*Despite these tests, we still wouldn't recommend folks do what these guys did with the watch, but at least you don't have to worry if it's raining outside or you forgot to take it off when getting in the shower.
by dgstorm at Apr 24, 2015
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Most folks who pre-ordered the Apple Watch during the first 5 minutes will be getting their order delivered sometime today. Even though there are a few stores where you can see the Apple Watch demoed, they are still ridiculously hard to get, and only folks who pre-ordered or order them now will be able to get one in the near future.

Of course, Apple will continue to ramp up production as demand increases and manufacturing because easier. To get us even more excited about the new super-device, Apple released three new teaser videos for the Apple Watch. You can see one of them above and the other two in the thread below.
by Maura at Apr 23, 2015
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Apple Watch Mickey.JPG

AppleInsider reports that the Apple Watch is apparently running “most” of iOS 8.2, using a new subsystem, Carousel, instead of the Springboard home screen that features on iPhone and iPad.

The news comes via developer Steve Troughton-Smith, who also said that the Apple Watch’s S1 processor is roughly the equivalent of the Apple A5 chip.

In a tweet, Troughton-Smith said that the Watch firmware features a PowerVR SGX543 driver. The A5, which first appeared in 2011 in the iPad 2 and iPhone 4s, also boasts an SGX543 driver.

The S1 is, as you would expect, much more compressed, and is encased in resin in order to give it extra protection.

AppleInsider says that the AppleWatch firmware is not considered as an actual iOS release, as it requires a paired iPhone in order to operate, but this latest news shows that it is still very much run on the same codebase.

Troughton-Smith also said that all of the Apple Watch faces are stored in one framework, which is called a NanoTimeKit. The faces use SpriteKit graphics, but the animated faces, such as the Mickey Mouse face, are rendered with OpenGL.

Source: Apple Watch runs most of iOS 8.2 may use A5-equivalent processor
by Maura at Apr 23, 2015
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Apple tops mobile payment survey.JPG

BGR reports on a new survey from Changewave that sees Apple Pay way ahead of PayPal and GoogleWallet in terms of customer satisfaction, with 66% of respondents saying that they were “Very Satisfied” with Apple’s mobile payment system, ahead of 45% of respondents for PayPay and 33% of respondents for Google Wallet.

The survey also found that even for those people who do not currently use a mobile payment service, iPhone owners were more likely than any other smartphone owners to plan on using that type of service in future. Thirty-four percent of iPhone users said they would do so, whereas just 16% of Android users, 13% of BlackBerry users, and 5% of Windows Phone users said they would.

Source: Apple Pay PayPal and Google Wallet still can t compete BGR
by dgstorm at Apr 23, 2015
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The video above is a bit cheesy, but what it represents could be pretty exciting news if you happen to live in Silicon Valley and enjoy comic books (and/or comic book movies). The incomparable Steve Wozniak (former co-founder of Apple) and the comic book master himself, Stan Lee, are teaming up to bring a brand new Comic Con to Silicon Valley!

The event will be held on March 19 and 20, 2016 at the San Jose Convention Center. The SVCC plans to invite a number of Hollywood celebrities and tech leaders across multiple media, including movies, TV, music, gaming, electronics, apps and emerging technologies. Now I wish I lived in Silicon Valley!

Thanks for the tip, @cr6!
by dgstorm at Apr 23, 2015
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Here's something fun and interesting you might get a kick out of... it turns out that what you are doing right this moment (engaging with the community of this internet forum) is actually quite good for you. At least, that's what a recent study concluded which was published in the Computers In Human Behavior.

Specifically, the study concluded that "Internet forums have a positive impact on life satisfaction and lead to increased involvement in communities outside the confines of the online world." Here's a quote with more of the details,

Well then... you can now rest easy knowing that you are doing a good thing for yourself just by being a part of...
by RaduTyrsina at Apr 23, 2015
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apple watch boutique.jpg

Apple won't offer the Apple Watch for sale in its retail stores on Friday, as it will take online orders only. However, according to a fresh report coming from New York Times publication, some retail stores around the world will have Apple Watches in stock for customers to purchase this Friday on April 24.

The stores with Apple Watch stock will include Dover Street Market in Tokyo and London, Maxfield in Los Angeles, Colette in Paris, the Corner in Berlin, and 10 Corso Como in Milan. All of these stores were previously unveiled as retail locations for the Apple Watch.

The New York Times also points out that all of the places that will have the Apple Watch in stock on Friday are high-end fashion-oriented boutiques known as "retail trendsetters."

Source: NY Times
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