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by Maura at Apr 23, 2017
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Tim Cook threatened Uber with removal from app store.JPG

According to a big article about Uber in The New York Times, via 9to5 Mac, Apple CEO Tim Cook once invited Uber CEO Travis Kalanick to a meeting at Apple’s headquarters, where Cook opened with, “So I’ve heard you’ve been breaking some of our rules.”

Here, Cook was referring to how Uber had tried to fool Apple engineers by assigning a persistent identity to iPhones using code, otherwise known as “fingerprinting,” which directly contravenes Apple’s rules, which are designed to prevent devices being traceable to an owner’s identity once the device has been erased.

The move by Uber’s engineers was sanctioned by Kalanick himself, who told his engineers to “geofence” Apple’s Cupertino base in order to digitally identify anyone reviewing Uber from a particular location. This would prevent people in that area from seeing the code, meaning that Apple employees would not be able to detect Uber’s fingerprinting activities.

However, Apple engineers soon discovered what Uber was up to, hence Tim Cook summoning Kalanick to his office.

According to The New York Times, after his opening salvo, Cook then proceeded to warn Kalanick that unless Uber stopped fingerprinting and started operating the app within Apple’s guidelines, it would be pulled from the App Store.
Source: Tim Cook reportedly threatened to remove Uber from the App Store in CEO meeting
by Maura at Apr 23, 2017
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New iPhone 8 dummy emerges.JPG

New pictures have appeared online of what is said to be a dummy model of the iPhone 8, according to 9to5 Mac. The CNC dummy photos were posted by Benjamin Geskin on his Twitter page, and show an iPhone made of glass and stainless steel, with an edge-to-edge display and no obvious bezel. There does not appear to be any sign of a Touch ID sensor on the rear of the phone, as has been rumoured elsewhere.

Assuming that the photos are genuine, it’s possible that the dummy is from an early stage of the production process, as the Apple logo is missing from the back of the dummy.

The dummy shown in the photos certainly has many of the features that have been strongly rumoured over the past few weeks, including a vertical rear camera array and an edge-to-edge display. However, the elongated Power button had not appeared in any other previous videos. photos, or reports.

Hopefully the pictures are genuine, as this is shaping up to be one very cool-looking iPhone.

Source: iPhone 8 dummy model surfaces with edge-to-edge display, no rear Touch ID, elongated power button
by Maura at Apr 23, 2017
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More people own iPhones in US Than ever before.JPG

According to newly released figures from market research company comScore MobiLens Plus, via MacRumors, there are currently more iPhone owners in the US than ever before.

comScore’s figures show that there are now more than an estimated 85.8 million iPhone owners aged 13 and older in the US. The figures are based on a 3-month average for the period ending December 2016. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus make up around 15% of the overall total.

As far as Apple’s most popular iPhone currently in the US is concerned, that accolade goes to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s models and their Plus versions, with an estimated 48.4% share of the overall installed base. And 17.8% of users are still using an iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, or iPhone 5c.

According to market research companies Kantar Worldpanel and IHS Markit, the iPhone is the most popular smartphone not just in the US, but in the world.

Source: iPhone Ownership Reaches All-Time High in United States
by Maura at Apr 23, 2017
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Apple apologises for iCloud email mistake.JPG

9to5 Mac reports that Apple has apologised for various iCloud plans disappearing last week, as well as emails that were erroneously sent out by Apple to customers telling them that their 50GB or 100GB iCloud plans had been discontinued.

In an email apologising for the incident that was sent to all those involved, Apple said that the emails were sent out in error, and that there have, in fact, been no changes to iCloud storage plans. Apple also reiterated that all plans would stay exactly as they are, meaning that the temporary disappearance of the $0.99 per month 50 GB iCloud plan and the $2.99 per month 200 GB iCloud plan had simply been a glitch.

In the email, Apple said, “We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. If you have any questions, please contact us.”

Apple did not offer any explanation as to how the glitch happened.

Source: Apple acknowledges earlier iCloud subscription errors, says everything has been resolved
by Maura at Apr 23, 2017
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Documents reveal details about self driving car application.JPG

AppleInsider says that it has obtained a full copy of Apple’s California Department of Motor Vehicles self-driving car application, the basic details of which were first reported on by Business Insider on Friday.

The complete Autonomous Vehicle Tester (AVT) Program Application for Manufacturer’s Testing Permit, which was initially obtained by macReports, contains some revealing information about Apple’s approach to self-driving vehicle testing.

In particular, it goes into detail about the testing process used to certify the six drivers who will be driving the three modified Lexus RX540h SUVs, including instructions, training goals, and diagrams for several different tests, including low-speed and high-speed driving, tight U-turns, sudden steering input, sudden acceleration, sudden braking, and lane change.

The six Apple employees named in the document as passing the tests include Paul Hebert and Victor Hwang, who are both engineers at Apple’s Special Projects Group, and Jeremy Ma, a software engineer, also working at Apple’s Special Projects Group, and who has particular expertise in 3D object detection and tracking. One driver's name has been redacted from the document as their employment details need to be kept private. Most of the test drivers are robotics experts.

Source: Full copy of Apple's self-driving car permit revealed [u]
by Maura at Apr 23, 2017
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New iPhone 8 renders emerge.JPG

MacRumors reports on the third render of a supposed iPhone 8 that has emerged online. It is thought that all the renders represent various iPhone 8 prototypes that Apple is currently testing, two of which have had an aluminium frame. This latest render actually gives us the clearest look at the rear casing of the iPhone 8 of all three of the recent renders.

The renderings were created by Instagramer bro.king, and are based on the recently released design schematics of the forthcoming flagship iPhone. The shell is made of silver aluminium, with a more square design that is very similar to that of the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s.

As with other recently released renders and reports from various sources, the casing shows that the phone has a vertical dual-lens camera. There’s also a circular cut-out underneath the Apple logo that could possibly be for a rear-sited Touch ID sensor. It’s thought that Apple will be forced to go for that option if it is unable to resolve its issues with integrating the Touch ID sensor in the edge-to-edge display. Or, alternatively, it could be the site of an inductive wireless charging module.

Source: iPhone 8 Shell Render Features Vertical Dual-Lens Camera, iPhone 5-Style Body
by Maura at Apr 23, 2017
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The Guardian withdraws from Apple News.JPG

According to a report on AppleInsider, the UK’s Guardian newspaper has decided to withdraw from both Apple News and Facebook Instant Articles.

“We have run extensive trials on Facebook Instant Articles and Apple News to assess how they fit with our editorial and commercial objectives,” said The Guardian in a statement issued to Digiday. “Having evaluated these trials, we have decided to stop publishing in those formats on both platforms.”

“Our primary objective is to bring audiences to the trusted environment of the Guardian to support building deeper relationships with our readers, and growing membership and contributions to fund our world-class journalism.”

While it is definitely possible for a newspaper such as The Guardian to earn money from Apple News and Instant Articles, it probably stands to gain more by having its loyal readership use its own app and website, from where it can make more money from ad revenue and also try and encourage readers to subscribe or donate.

The Guardian is still a member of Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages, and in March it announced that 60% of its traffic came from that particular source.

Source: UK site The Guardian drops Apple News in bid to boost ad & subscription revenues
by Maura at Apr 18, 2017
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Lightning adapter still to be included in new iPhones.JPG

According to a new note to investors from Barclays analyst Blayne Curtis, via MacRumors, Apple will continue to package a Lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter with the three new iPhone models that it is expected to launch later this year.

“We believe it stays this year but goes away at some point, potentially in the 2018 model,” said Curtis.

This will be good news for Cirrus Logic, as it is thought that company manufactures some of the adapter’s components, in particular, the tiny audio components.

This news from Barclays is in contrast to another recent report from Japanese blog MacOtakara, which said that the adapter would not be included in Apple’s 2017 iPhone line-up.

Including the adapter would be a good customer-pleasing move to make for Apple, although it has to be said that the controversy around Apple’s removal of the 3.5mm jack has pretty much died down, and wireless earphones such as Apple AirPods and BeatsX are now available, making an adapter less of a necessity if and when Apple decide not to include it.

Source: Apple Will Still Include a Lightning to Headphone Jack Adapter With This Year's iPhones, Says Barclays
by Maura at Apr 18, 2017
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Apple still trialing different displays for iPhone 8.JPG

AppleInsider reports on a new article by Bloomberg that supports many of the recent rumours about the forthcoming high-end iPhone 8, such as that the phone will have cover glass on top of a steel frame, an edge-to-edge, Samsung-made OLED display, and new camera technology.

Bloomberg says that Apple is still testing various designs for the curved display, and will most likely opt for a gently curved version mainly due to suppliers having problems manufacturing large quantities of anything steeper. Among the prototypes that Apple is still testing there are those with glass backs, as well as one with an iPhone-7-type aluminum back and larger dimensions.

The detailed report also backs up other recent rumours that Apple is having trouble embedding the Touch ID fingerprint sensor in the edge-to-edge screen, and may even have to abandon plans to do so, and for this reason, the report also says that the iPhone 8 might launch a couple of months after Apple’s normal launch date in September.

As far as the camera is concerned, Bloomberg’s sources say that Apple is testing prototypes with a vertical dual-lens rear camera and/or a dual-lens front camera, with the latter possibly being integrated into the OLED display.

Source: Apple still experimenting with 'iPhone 8' tech including curved screens, new camera systems
by Maura at Apr 17, 2017
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Coachella theif traced by Find My iPhone.JPG

Cult of Mac reports today that a serial phone thief who stole more than 100 phones at Coachella over the weekend has been traced via “Find My iPhone,” with police being able to arrest the man and return many of the stolen phones to their owners thanks to the iOS feature.

According to an Indio police department report, via the Los Angeles Times, Coachella attendees who’s iPhones had been stolen activated “Find My iPhone” and then followed New Yorker Reinaldo De Jesus Henao around the festival site until he was finally seized by festival security. Henao was found to have over 100 stolen phones, both Android and Apple, in his backpack when he was eventually arrested by police officers. Henao was arrested on suspicion of grand theft and possession of stolen property by the Indio Police Department.

Many of the stolen phones have now been returned to their rightful owners, and unclaimed phones can be collected at the Lost and Found.

Photo source: Indio Police Department

Source: Coachella thief caught by 'Find My iPhone' after stealing 100 phones | Cult of Mac

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