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by Maura at Oct 19, 2014
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On Friday Apple released the beta for iCloud Photo and also made iCloud Photo access available for all developers that are running the iOS 8.1maintenance update, writes AppleInsider.

Before the launch of the beta, only a few randomly sampled testers were able to use the service.

iCloud Photos, or iCloud Photo Library, to give it its correct iOS term, will enable users to automatically upload pictures and videos from their Camera Roll to the cloud to be stored and synced across devices.

Basically, this means that when you take a picture it will be pushed to the cloud, and you will then be able to view that picture from any other device signed into the iCloud account; also anyone who has been given access to your pictures via iCloud Photo Sharing will be able to view the picture.

And for those who are thinking, “isn’t this just Photo Stream?” as AppleInsider notes, while similar, it has the added benefit of support for full-resolution content, as well as syncing of any edits that are made to the originally uploaded picture, which can then be viewed via iCloud.com either by date in Moments, or in a stream via Albums.

One similarity between the two services, however, is that in iCloud Photo Library, as with Photo Stream, pictures can be downloaded from the iCloud Photo Library folder to store locally on other iOS devices.

by dgstorm at Oct 17, 2014
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Here's a strange, yet intriguing story of a heroic cop who used the "Find My iPhone" app to rescue a stranded woman. Here's a quote with the details of the story,

It's pretty amazing what a little bit of knowledge and ingenuity can accomplish. In this age of constantly finding fault with police officers, it's good to see stories that remind us that most cops are the good guys. It's also cool to see the way technology was used to avoid a potential tragedy.

Source: BGR
by Maura at Oct 16, 2014
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During a charismatic, worldwide-Twitter-trending, and very funny presentation at Apple’s iPad event in California today, Apple’s senior VP of software engineering, Craig Federighi, announced that iOS 8.1, complete with Apple Pay and Continuity, will be available from this coming Monday, October 20.

Earlier in the presentation, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that Apple now has the support of 500 US banks, as well as retailers such as Starbucks, Macy’s, McDonald’s, Sephora, Staples, and Groupon.

Aside from the massive Apple Pay news, Federighi also revealed that Continuity compatibility will be coming to iOS with iOS 8.1. Basically, this means that you can send and receive text messages and phone calls from your Mac (provided it is running OS X Yosemite), as well as other features such as sharing Keynote slides.

Federighi also announced that the popular Camera Roll feature will be restored, after many people were upset that it was removed in iOS 8.

Finally, downloading iOS 8.1 will also grant you access to the public beta of iCloud Photo Library, where you can see your photos and videos in full resolution without downscaling.

Sources: iOS 8.1 is coming on Monday will bring Apple Pay and Continuity support

Apple Pay launches Monday with support from Starbucks Macy s and others
by dgstorm at Oct 16, 2014
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It's only been about a month an a few days since Apple amazed the world with the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Today they are ready to "wow" us again with the newest iPad. Apple is holding their event at Noon CTD (10am PTD), and will be live streaming on AppleTV and on their website.

We are confident that Apple will at least unveil the new iPad Air 2, and will probably also showcase the next-gen iPad mini, but there could be other surprises in store.To view the live stream on the internet you will need to use Apple's Safari browser and go to Apple - Apple Events - Special Event October 2014.

While the live stream is going on we will be sharing details of the Apple launch on the fly over at our sister site @iPadForums.net.
by PhilSynowiec at Oct 15, 2014
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Earlier today, Google pushed out an update to its YouTube application to support the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus higher resolution. It seems that Facebook is in the same boat today, as the social network giant updated the iOS Facebook app to support the new devices as well.

Facebook version 16.0 doesn't list any specifics on what was updated, but after downloading, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users will notice that the app is no longer fuzzy, attempting to keep up with the higher pixel density. The Facebook app now looks crisp, how it's meant to be on the Retina Display HD.

The company updated the Facebook app on Monday adding the ability to post Facebook stickers in comments. All of this is good and gravy, however I'm still noticing a black screen pop up for several seconds, opening the app after it has been killed in the background. Hopefully that issue gets resolved soon, but for now the Facebook app and the new version 16.0 update is available in the App Store for free.
by PhilSynowiec at Oct 15, 2014
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Almost a month of its initial release, folks are still waiting for many apps to be tweaked and updated to support iPhone 6 and 6 Plus resolutions. Among the many apps in need of an update, YouTube has yet to see any support for the new devices, until today.

Google has updated its YouTube app on iOS to Version 2.13, which mainly supports the higher resolution iPhone 6 models. Putting aside the bug fixes; the status bar no longer overlaps the user interface, keyboard orientation issues have been fixed, scrubbing is now more responsive, and the app now shows all playlists when adding videos.

The big Goog previously updated Gmail and Chrome to support the new iPhones, and still has other apps in need of updates. The YouTube app is of course available for free on the App Store.
by PhilSynowiec at Oct 15, 2014
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Parent company Time Warner announced on Wednesday that it will be offering a standalone streaming service for HBO Go in 2015. Currently the service is only available to customers who subscribe to HBO via triple-play services from telecommunications companies.

HBO Go allows customers to stream popular shows from the network, like Game of Thrones, straight to an iOS or mobile device. Show that stream on the app are usually available a few months after initial air dates. Previously customers would have to pay $100+ dollars for a cable TV package, but it seems HBO is trying to make the service available to more customers by charging a small, monthly subscription just for HBO Go.

HBO GO is currently available on a plethora of mobile device including Android, iOS, and even Apple TV, so it's no wonder the company is trying to have its shows streamed to millions upon millions of customers. No word on a specific release date, but folks can expect HBO Go subscriptions to be available some time next year.