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    iphone 4 OtterBox problem

    Hey I love the Otterbox having had one with my Blackberry but last week I upgraded to an iphone 4 and bought the OtterBox too for protection but the problem is the case broke. In less than a week I broke the plastic clip that snaps it in and now it's useless. I tried to glue it but it wont hold. Does anyone know if they sell replacement holsters? maybe one made alittle sturdier? site...i plan to hang out here awhile beause this phone can be agrivating trying to figure out one at my Verizon knows how to work it either, lol

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    Hi.I am so sorry for hear that. I have find a place where can get the best quality and not easy broken for blackberry case .Otterbox Case

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    Contact OtterBox, they may be able to help you out.

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    Agreed. Otterbox will likely replace it for you.


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