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    There's no bending rules to make this work. You just have to be specific. All you say to a VZW rep is that you want to upgrade one of the basic phones to a smartphone. Don't mention any switching around that you want to do until the upgrade is finished. Once, the upgrade is complete, simply ask them to put the new smartphone on your existing line and reactivate the basic phone that was just on that line used for the upgrade. This way you didn't do anything wrong, all you did was upgrade a basic phone and did a "device change" to your line with the new smartphone which in the end preserves your unlimited data. Be careful by doing this because by activating a new smart phone on your account, you will incur the $30 data plan instantly on your next bill on top of a $30 upgrade fee.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tator22 View Post
    Hey guys and gals hoping someone can give me a quick reply, been through the site looked but just want a clear cut answer now that the iphone 5 has been out. I am on a plan with my mom and dad where we share 2100 minutes. They both have basic phones no data. I have a Droid Pro that I have the unlimited data plan that I was able to get 2 years ago when I signed up for my phone (also have unlimited texting if that makes any difference). My contract is up along with my moms. My question is in this case is there a way I could keep my unlimited data yet receive the iphone 5 at the discount price? My mom just wants a basic phone for her next one no data, the same with my dad when his contract is up in December.


    Phone A Basic, contract is up (mom)
    Phone B basic, contract is up in December (dad)
    Phone C unlimited data, contract is up (mine)
    I just pulled it off. I added a line with a basic phone then the Verizon rep switches it out for the smart phone at the subsidized price. Then takes the smart phone and switches it right over to my line. In your case you would simply use your moms basic line to get the smart phone u want at the subsidized price then simply swap it by putting her dumb phone back on and putting the new smart phone on your already existing line hence keeping your unlimited data plan. Works like a charm. My VZ rep did it for me no problem.

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    I had to purchase my iPhone 5 at full price to keep my unlimited data.....

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