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    Tiny Umbrella Host File Hepl Needed

    Question..... How do you edit your host file???

    I installed tinyumbrella, to my surprise tinyumbrella was able to locate my SHSH 4.2.8 from Cydia. But when I performed the procedure I did not get the results I was hoping for... At this point my phone was now stuck in "recovery mode"... I tried many times to just restore through iTunes but nothing happened. Just an iTunes sign and a cable pointing to it. I also spent 6+ hours on the phone with apples top technical advisor trying to find out why I couldn't even do a simple restore. Eventually I was able to get my phone to restore but I had to do it from someone else's computer. After my iPhone was restored i was able to sinc and reinstall all apps and contacts.....

    For a while I was thinking I had done something wrong... So I gave it another shot... And again.. And again.. etc.. Each time with the same results... Needing to recover from a different PC...

    I later spent many days pounding my head agents a wall.. And to find that in my /etc/ section there was 2 host files. 1 was from apple and the other from tinyumbrella. Both files were identical. I relocated the one from apple and then was able to get my phone to restore w/iTunes.... I am now just running a tethered JB on 4.2.10.. But this jailbreak has me always watching my phone..

    Please help.. Thanx

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