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    Texting person incorrectly identified when i receive the text

    I have a 4s. When I text my son, his response comes back in a separate text and he is identified as his mother. I deleted her contact information and he still comes back identified as his mother's email address. He is on her plan, but not sure how all that is tied together. Especially since I have deleted all of her info.

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    Texting person incorrectly identified when i receive the text

    Might be that he's under her number. Sometimes if you do the switcheroo for the phone upgrades, sometimes the rep forgets to switch the numbers back
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    And when his texts are coming in as his mother's email address... his iPhone is set up w/ her Apple ID. Fix for that... General>Messages>"Send & Receive"... change to cell # instead of Apple ID.

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    Texting person incorrectly identified when i receive the text

    Agreed with apple ID. It sounds like he is under her ID. Until he gets his own that's how it would show up.


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