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Thread: Syncing help

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    Syncing help

    sorry but ive searched and didnt get answeres. probably cause i dont know what to really look for. a couple things, when my iphone syncs in itunes where are the contacts and calender syncing to and how do i get there? next is if i cant get there what are my options to sync them some place else? basically want to be able to edit both and when i sync they will update in phone. i got a PC so this may be why, i dont know!!! Thanx for the replys

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    Plug your phone into iTunes and select it form the bar on the left. There will be a row of tabs at the top. It's either the first or second tab that has the options to sync contacts and calendars. Sorry, doing it form memory...

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    After doing what gaz said above, you can choose from the list of programs you have installed where your phone syncs to. Default is Microsoft Outlook I believe, but you should be able to sync with Windows Mail/Address Book, or Mac's version if you have that installed.


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