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    Facetime/data usage

    I never use more than 50% of my data plan (I'm almost always on wifi) and for some reason i have. I notice when checking my recent calls it shows data usage next to FaceTime calls. Such as

    10:57 PM 2 minutes (10mb)

    However I have cellular data usage turned OFF in FaceTime settings. I've never noticed It show data usage in call logs before. Maybe its new with ios 6? Does this mean that 10mb would be off my 3G? Or just that it would've equalled to that HAD it been on 3G?

    I have Verizon iPhone 4S running ios 6.0.1

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    Facetime/data usage

    I am not sure especially if you ha e cellular usage turned off. Ill be curious to see someone's response JIK I run into this issue. Thanks for posting!


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