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    Siri Cannot Dial 3 Digit Phone Numbers

    When dialling a Telstra Australia Voicemail Number being 101, Siri replies sorry, cannot dial that number. Use of prefix etc will not work. The issue is resolved by adding three zeros to the end of the Telstra Voicemail number ie use 101 000 instead of 101. Siri has no problem then. It can handle 6 digit phone numbers.

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    That makes sence good post thanks.
    Cheers Colin
    Brisbane Australia
    Certified Apple Product Professional

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    Hi,siri can make international calls but not any local calls... wow that's really strange... everyone I know that has an iPhone 4s and lives in Cyprus has the same problem... I have tried changing the international settings, removing the ext, restoring, adding "0" at the end or +1 at the beginning and I have activated my iPhone.. Nothing worked. The mobile numbers in Cyprus look like this ---> +357 99XXXXXX why is this happening ? I can call U.S and U.K numbers with siri but not any local lol everything ells is perfect, my contacts are organized just fine and when I receive a call or a msg the contact name shows up correctly...

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