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    Can't delete from iTunes

    Please help.
    I have removed some music from my iPhone 4s manually so I no longer have any music on it what so ever. When I click on music on the iPhone list the music is still there after sync. When I right click on a song on this list there is no remove button and when I go to the edit button the delete is greyed out and the only button highlighted is paste.
    I hope you can understand this.
    Please help its driving me mad

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    Did you delete it from iTunes also. iTunes may be putting back on your phone when you sycn.

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    I also would like to remove my music from my iPhone. I have uploaded everything to the iCloud but iTunes is still leaving 500+ songs on the phone. Also I noticed that in iTunes the songs that are on my iPhone do not show any iCloud status next to them. I'm stumped......


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