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    Wink New to forum Unsure of WIFI User/passwords required to connect.


    Just purchased shiny new iphone 4, very little experience with certain aspects of phones.
    Looking for some help/direction in connecting to home wifi.

    When I turn wifi on phone detects home network, and asks for user name & password.

    I thought it would require wep key. Didn`t expect to be asked for user/password.

    Please enlighten me. Is this is my ISP info or something completely different ?

    Any help greatly appreciated.
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    I'm not exactly sure how to answer, but here are some possibilities: first, un-encrypt your router temporarily and see if the iPhone will connect without any requirements. Mine connects to my un-encrypted router without any requirements (I live far in the country). Now if it connects, then encrypt the router and BROADCAST the SSID. Your iPhone should see the broadcasted router name, then ask for the encryption key. You should then be good to go.
    Bottom line: I think that you're being asked for a name and password because your router is not broadcasting a public nname. But I may be wrong......!!

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