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Thread: The Woz Talks Apple and Samsung

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    The Woz Talks Apple and Samsung

    iDownload Blog reports that Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, aka “The Woz”, has been speaking at the Business Week Best Brand Awards, where of course he was asked to speak about Apple and its competitors. Woz acknowledged that Apple’s competitors, such as Samsung, have caught up with Apple in some areas, even going as far as to say,

    “Currently we are in my opinion somewhat behind with features in the smartphone business. Others have caught up. Samsung is a big competitor. But precisely because they are making great products.”
    However, Woz is still very loyal to Apple, saying that he is “proud” that Apple has “such loyal fans.” He also spoke about why he likes to stand in line with everyone else for new Apple products, saying,

    “The launch of a new Apple product is for me like a big, major concert which you absolutely must attend personally. It’s history. Sure, I could order online or call the store manager so that they smuggled me in the back door. But that would be nothing. No, I will have the experience like any normal customer. But one thing is certain. If Apple made lousy products, I would not be in line.”
    Source: The Woz: Apple has fallen ?somewhat behind with features in the smartphone business?

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    I'll agree w/ the Woz... that Apple is somewhat behind w/ features. And his statement about product launches sums it up perfectly for me, "If Apple made lousy products, I would not be in line." That exactly how I feel about the iPhone. As long as they're still putting out a solid product.... I'll be in line every time.
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