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    Use Fire to Charge Your iPhone Battery!

    Macworld has today posted a video from YouTuber Kipkay, or Kip Kedersha, showing how you can charge your iPhone using some very bizarre methods, such as fire or ice! In the video, Kikay making a camping fire with an empty coffee can, which he had drilled holes into, before attaching a thermoelectric generator to it and an iPhone USB to 30-pin cable on the side, before taking it outside and showing just how it can be done, while keeping a safe distance, of course! Not something any of us will be wanting to attempt at home, of course, but he does have a valid point when he says that it could be used in an emergency when out camping and you need to charge your phone!

    You might like to check out some of the other videos on Kipkay’s YouTube page if you find this sort of thing fascinating, as some of his other experiments include ones which show how iPads and iPhones cope with being blasted with six watts of lasers. Check out for more fun and informative stuff.

    Source: WATCH: Here's how to charge an iPhone with fire - iPad/iPhone - Macworld UK

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