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    UK’s Three Mobile to Upgrade Customer from 3G to LTE for Free

    Some great news for UK customers of the Three Mobile network today from Macworld, which reports that Three CEO Dave Dyson has said that all of Three’s customers will get the new Ultrafast network access as standard, because the company did not want to “limit Ultrafast services to a select few based on a premium price.” As Macworld notes, currently the new carrier, EE, is the only network that offers 4G in the UK, and at some pretty expensive prices too. For example, EE customers currently pay £21 per month for just 500MB, or a whopping £36 per month for only 5GB. Compare this with Three, whose customers can pay just £15 per month for unlimited data at current speeds. Presumably, this price would be the same once Ofcom finally finishes the whole 4G auction process, which should be fairly soon. Looks like those who decided to wait out the result of the auction rather than jump ship to EE could be well rewarded for their loyalty!

    Source: Three promises cheap 4G/LTE for no extra cost - iPad/iPhone - Macworld UK

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    that is good news,i'm with 3.
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    UK’s Three Mobile to Upgrade Customer from 3G to LTE for Free

    Me too. I knew choosing them as a network over orange/EE was a good decision 😄
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