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    New Job Adverts at Apple Show They are Still Working on Improving iOS Maps

    Job adverts for a company such as Apple can be very revealing, and today AppleInsider has managed to glean some interesting information from some new employment listings that appeared on Apple’s website on Monday. According to the report, Apple has posted around 10 new listings for positions working on iOS Maps, which shows that the in-house app is still a work in progress. The ads are specifically looking for software engineers, with nine of the 10 being programming posts, and the remaining post being all to do with navigation. All posts are located at Apple’s Cupertino base. By looking even closer at the ads, AppleInsider has discovered that several different aspects of iOS Maps are being worked on, including the user interface, integration with other apps, such as Siri, displaying maps in real time, the labeling of points of interest, and 3D flyover features. Will be interesting to see what they come up with! One thing’s for sure, although the in-house Maps app drew plenty of criticism, and rightly so, for the most part, Apple seem determined to put all their efforts into getting it right.

    Source: New Apple job listings point to iOS Maps improvements

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