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    Maybe a Cheaper iPhone is on the Way After All!

    The cheap iPhone rumour continues to run and run, with BGR writing today that new reports have surfaced saying that Phil Schiller’s reported comments yesterday do not necessarily rule out the possibility of Apple launching a cheaper version of the iPhone later on in the year. Apparently, the Shanghai Evening News interview, which was the original source of Schiller’s apparently dismissive remarks, has since been updated, so much so in fact that Reuters has withdrawn its original story on the subject. The only explanation that Reuters gives for withdrawing the story is to say that the story was “subsequently updated with substantial changes to its content.” At present, nothing much else is known about the contents of the re-written interview, but it has clearly lead Reuters to conclude that it is not strictly accurate to say that there will not be a cheaper iPhone, or rather, to say that this is what Phil Schiller said. In other words, there may well be a cheaper iPhone on the way!

    Source: Cheap iPhone: Schiller interview updated, cheap iPhone comments gone | BGR

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    Re: Maybe a Cheaper iPhone is on the Way After All!

    Your right. This site is always on the ball with their rumors.

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    Sounds nice . . . but only for “China markets”

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