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    Jailbreak Helps Man Unlock Phone That Police Locked

    The Daily Mail reports today that a rugby player in the UK is claiming that police hacked into his iPhone and locked it for 42 years after he filmed them having a coffee break in a bar in Wiltshire. After filming the policemen, he was arrested and charged with being drunk and disorderly. Following a night spent cooling off in police cells, Jake Coplestone was then released, but he did not get his iPhone back until five days later, when it was locked, with the following message on the screen:

    “iPhone is disabled, try again in 22,461,058 minutes,” which is more than 40 years.
    Coplestone says that the iPhone locked itself after too many attempts to guess the password. Eventually he was able to unlock the phone by jailbreaking it. He has now shown the video to the newspaper.

    “The only logical explanation for my phone being disabled for 42 years is that someone had been trying to access my files to delete the video footage of officers in the club,” he told The Daily Mail.
    Source: England schoolboy rugby star locked up - 'for filming police having break in a bar while on duty' | Mail Online

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    LOL. This will be interesting to follow.
    Facts are the first casualty of bad information.

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