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    iPhone Thief Unveiled by Victim Luring Him on a False Date

    The New York Post reports today on how a clever musician was able to catch the person who stole his iPhone by posing as a woman and asking the thief out on a pretend date! When Nadav Nirenberg from Brooklyn, a trombone player in punk band Streetlight Manifesto, had his iPhone 4 stolen on New Year’s Eve when riding in a cab to a gig, he was alerted by OKCupid’s email alert service to the fact that someone had been messaging girls on the stolen phone. “I could log on and see everything he was sending,” said Nirenberg. “He was even using my number.”

    Niremberg goes on to tell The Post how he created a fake profile for a woman called Jennifer Gonzalez, and then had “Jennifer” invite the thief on a date. When the hapless criminal turned up at Nirenberg’s house at 7pm for the date, Nirenberg confronted him, brandishing a hammer, and asked for his phone back. The Post says that the thief handed over the phone, after Nirenberg gave him $20. Seems a bit odd that you would reward someone for taking your iPhone, rather than simply calling the cops, but Nirenberg told The Post that he only wanted his phone back and didn’t want to cause any trouble.

    Source: Music man lays Internet-dating trap to lure in phone thief -

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    Love this story--and the ending of getting his phone back was perfect!

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    good ending, i would not use my own home. info held in the phone might well be used for id theft backed up by the address info.

    client if mine had a sat nav nicked from his car, he had not realised this when he found his car open in a car park. a week later a knock on the door and a copper ask's is this your satnav,

    astonished, he asked the copper how he knew it was his?, bright copper had used 'home' setting after finding it in a haul at the felons house - that could have been very nasty!

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