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    iPhone Case Doubles as Coffee Cup Holder!

    This could either be a brilliant idea or a rubbish idea, depending on how steady your hand is, I guess! You decide! Basically, according to The Daily Mail, a Dutch firm has devised an iPhone case that doubles up as a cup holder, so that you should, in theory, be able to use your phone to text, at the same time as carrying a cup of coffee. I say “in theory,” because in practice it might be a bit more difficult and precarious to carry your beverage, hot or cold, in such a way! The Uppercup, as it is called, is the brainchild of design company Natwerk, who plan to sell it for £21 later in the year. “No more one-handed typing…No more spilling coffee on your lap,” says the Natwerk blurb about the cup, with a Natwerk spokesperson, Kristian van Kuijk, saying that they don’t recommend using the Uppercup to hold a cup while you’re making calls, but that it would be “really handy especially for people that text, Twitter or Facebook a lot while drinking coffee.” They don’t have the funding yet to make the cup-case, so you can visit the company’s Indiegogo page if you want to help them get it off the ground.

    Source: What could possibly go wrong? The iPhone case that doubles as a cup holder | Mail Online
    UpperCup | Indiegogo

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