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    iPhone 4S Still Very Much In Demand

    AppleInsider reports today that six months on from launch, demand for Apple’s iPhone 4S continues to grow, and in fact there is even more interest in the phone from consumers than there was during the key holiday period in December 2011. According to new figures issued today by ChangeWave, 56% of those polled who said that they planned to buy a smartphone in the next 90 days said that they will buy an iPhone 4S, representing a 2% increase from 54% in the previous survey from last December. In contrast, Samsung stayed the same, with 13% of consumers intending to buy a Samsung smartphone, and Motorola dropped to 6%. HTC, like Samsung, stayed the same at 3%, yet RIM/Blackberry actually increased 1% to 3%, so finally some good news for RIM!

    As AppleInsider notes, the iPhone 4S is Apple’s most successful smartphone so far, and clearly continues to do well, which makes it much more likely that Apple will wait until the Fall to launch another iPhone, rather than launch one as soon as June (as has been rumoured), thus cutting short the iPhone 4S’s success.

    Source: Demand for Apple's iPhone 4S continues to grow 6 months after launch

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    I'm not surprised. I came from the android camp and quickly gave up my android devices after owning the iPhone 4S for only one day. This is an amazing phone.
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    I have tried several phones but nothing like the iPhone 4s it everything and more I can't wait for the jailbreak for the 5.1

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    Watch those android souls cry that you separated the manufacturing....The 4S is top dog, does the most and with style and polish.

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