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    Cheaper iPhone could feature plastic chassis and see-through properties

    For the past few weeks, strong rumors have been emerging, which seem to indicate that Apple is on its way to designing a cheaper version of the iPhone, aimed at developing markets such as China. The concept of a low cost iPhone is not new. Last year, well known publications like the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg reported that Cupertino has started putting ideas into practice in the low cost department, but nothing more was heard about it.

    Now, the well known Taiwanese gossip source – DigiTimes, brings some extra details about the future of the seemingly upcoming cheaper device. According to their inside sources, the tech giant will be using plastic to build the phone’s chassis, shunning the reinforced glass and aluminum plate in order to keep costs as low as possible.

    DigiTimes also adds that the company in charge of producing those cheap plastic unibodies will be a US based electronic manufacturing service (EMS) provider, instead of one of Apple’s partners from Asia. The same report goes on to say that plastic will be interwoven with metal. A tweak will be added to the design of this low cost device – the inner metal hardware will be visible through a special design.

    According to the information provided by the publication, the parts supposed to make up the new cheaper iPhone are undergoing a validation process at the moment, but the product will be ready for launch in the second part of 2013. Keep on the lookout for it, eager customers!

    Source: AppleInsider

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    Just like the iPhone 3GS, wonderful? If it had an iPhone 5 look it'd be great, all I need is that look with a flash-light but full plastic & metal! If it went round for about $200-250 I'd defiantly put the money in for it, it'd be the only version of the iPhone I'd buy! Haha, just looking for a budget iPhone!

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