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Thread: Battery Issues Reported for iPhone 5 With iOS 6.0.2

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    Battery Issues Reported for iPhone 5 With iOS 6.0.2

    According to a story on AppleInsider today, the newly released iOS 6.0.2 update may be adversely affecting battery life for the iPhone 5. The news come via several AppleInsider readers, who have told the site that they have noticed that since downloading and installing iOS 6.0.2 on their iPhone 5, it seems to have affected their phone’s battery life. One reader said that their battery drained at a “significantly faster” rate since the update was downloaded. Also reporting on the story, Ars Technica has noted that a thread has already started on the issue on Apple’s official support forums. And that’s not all the problems with iOS 6.0.2, it would seem, as there are other comments on the Apple support forum saying that the users have been experiencing Wi-Fi connectivity issues ever since they downloaded the new update, despite the fact that it was supposed to actually fix Wi-Fi connectivity. AppleInsider says that the battery drain issue has only been reported in the iPhone 5 at present.

    Source: Some users report iPhone 5 battery life issues with iOS 6.0.2
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    it seems to last the same for me but I am not heavily using it atm, moderate usage I do atm and I mostly use my ipad but hopefully 6.1 that should be coming soon will fix it..
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    Battery Issues Reported for iPhone 5 With iOS 6.0.2

    Apple is really half-a**ed about the whole battery issue. It's been around since iOS 5 and they really don't care about it. This however, profits external battery makers
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    My phone has lost about 2 hours per charge from 6.0.1 - I used to end the day with about 45-50% battery left when going to bed. Today, I had 38% left while leaving work at 3pm and did NOT use my phone any more than normal. I wish I hadnt updated. Oh and I had no WiFi issues before this "wifi fix" update... now, I have drop offs... GG Apple.

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