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    Apple Possibly Considering Using Touch-On Display Technology for Next iPhone

    AppleInsider reports today on a new rumour out of China, which says that Apple is looking into using the new “touch-on” display technology in the next iPhone, as a result of problems with the iPhone 5’s “in-cell” touch technology. The China Times, which published the story initially, said that Apple has already inked a deal with Chimei Innolux, which is the biggest LCD maker in Taiwan, to make the new displays. As AppleInsider notes, if Apple is indeed looking to replace the in-cell technology, it would hardly come as a surprise, as there have been several issues reported with the iPhone 5’s display. The China Times says that the glitches were indeed caused by the in-cell tech, mainly because the TFT touch panel and touch sensors experience interference due to the fact that they have been placed on the same side. The China Times also backed up other reports that have said that production problems caused by the in-cell tech made the iPhone 5 very difficult to make, and led to supply issues.

    Source: Rumor: Apple evaluating new 'touch-on display' tech for next iPhone

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